The Best St Valentine Proposal

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. While the day is notorious for being the time when people in love express themselves through fancy dinners, romantic gifts, each year a handful of people take the opportunity to turn their romantic celebration up to eleven by popping the question. When it comes to proposing, it may be difficult to decide how, where and when you’d like to do it.

From a simple proposal to an extravagant day of excitement, you want to plan a proposal that reflects your relationship and a day that neither of you will ever forget. Even though there are thousands of ideas out there, how are you supposed to figure out the best way?


How you ask the question is pretty important, but where you ask can make some of the greatest memories. After all, if it’s Valentine’s Day, you want to make it extra romantic. One particularly romantic proposal idea, is to take your relationship back to the start and pop the question at the place you and your partner first met; the first place you kissed or the first place you said “I love you.” The location will be a story your partner will love to share for years to come.

Don’t be stuck on that idea if it doesn’t speak to you, choosing a place you’ve already been to. For a truly memorable proposal, why not take a long weekend to a romantic getaway? You could pick a favourite spot you’ve visited together before, or somewhere you’ve both always planned on going. Or you can keep it simple by spending a romantic afternoon sharing a picnic.

Hire a musician

One wedding proposal idea is to hire a musician or band to play near where you propose. The beautiful sounds will help it feel all the more magical and special.


If a restaurant is in your plans, start off by selecting someplace truly special – perhaps a usual favourite of yours, or one with magical ambiance. You may ask the staff to bring out the ring on a dessert plate! Why not in a glass of wine! You can bring roses, chocolates and whatever is meaningful to you both, that way your photos will come out extra special.

Capture the Moment

It all happens so fast. Once it’s all over, you will be happy you hired a proposal photographer / videographer to capture the emotion on that Special day. This will allow you and your fiancé(e) to show off your memories for the years to come.

brit milah

Bris – Brit Milah Photographer in London

Mazel Tov! It’s a boy!

I was invited to photograph the Brit-Milah ceremony of a precious newborn boy a couple of years ago for first time and since then I’ve been invited to many Bris ceremonies as a photographer. We charge a flat fee of £450 inclusive of many things, please take a look at the prices section and if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you out.

Brit Milah Cinematic Video

We call it “Words of Devotion” – that’s a top trend now, please get in touch, you must see it. Shortly, it’s about a short cinematic film following a script prepared and staged by both you and us. It may be grandfather, rabbi, father or all together … reading a script or speaking by heart words of advice and devotion to the newborn baby, while holding the baby as if they talk to each other. This is a unique memory to be kept secretly and be projected on their Bar Mitzvah or wedding day later on. We film with at least 2 cameras, capturing close ups, details and wide angles to complete the story. It’s priceless having in mind that some people leave our lives before our Bar Mitzvah or wedding and your boy or girl will have a great heart touching memory of them forever. Think about it, how awesome it is!

And something for you dear visitor who don’t know what Brit Milah is. Brit Milah is a meaningful celebration. A Jewish tradition celebrated on the eight day of a baby boy’s life. The Bris – another way to name Brit Milah is a custom originated in biblical times, and since the dawn of Judaism, it has served as a physical symbol of the Jewish faith. This Jewish lifecycle event for baby boys is held on the eighth day of life, assuming baby is healthy enough. Many parents create a celebration around the circumcision ceremony, and invite friends and family to meet the newest member of their family.

The Brit Milah ceremony bestows honors on the special people in the baby’s life who will have the opportunity to hold the child and welcome him. Sherman honors any great-grandparents in attendance and the baby’s namesake whose soul, according to Jewish tradition, is now forever intertwined with a new one. Cantor Sherman admits he is one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet, but he leaves his shtick at home while on call.

While some families turn to doctors to circumcise their sons while still in the hospital, a traditional Bris involves a traditional mohel, who is trained in the ritual of circumcision. Mohels like Cantor Sherman perform circumcisions exclusively and on a full-time basis, and will ensure the ceremony is in accordance with Jewish law. Many mohels have done tens of thousands of circumcisions (Cantor Sherman has done over 21,000 circumcisions throughout his career!) and receive referrals from the medical community. A mohel usually circumcizes the baby in less than 15 seconds with no advanced preparations. If you don’t know a mohel, you can ask your doctor for a recommendation, or call you local Jewish community center. There’s also a helpful list here.

Dan Hilton  - brit milah
Dan Hilton 9Eleven Events
Peter and his team always create such wonderful photographs and memories for our clients. Always reliable, friendly, professional and more importantly deliver photos and videos within a short time frame after the event. Clients always amazed by the shots and footage created.
Jonathan Waterman  - brit milah
Jonathan Waterman award winning wedding and events toastmaster
I have worked Alongside Peter several times in the passed. He is very client service orientated, professional, listens to clients needs, and delivers a superb portfolio….

Keep up the great work..

Nicci Zybutz  - brit milah
Nicci Zybutz Bar Mitzvah mother
When the function is done and dusted all that left are sweet memories that only an experienced professional can capture! PETER LANE, leaves you with the fairy dust!! His photos capture the feeling of the moment, his work is pure art!!
Gideon Mark  - brit milah
Gideon Mark Bar Mitzvah father
We used Peter Lane to photograph our daughters Batmitzvah last August, together with his wife they took fantastic and innovative photos capturing all the best moments and ones that you thought a photographer would never get near to! What we liked as well as his polite manner was that he and his wife always seemed to be in the background but managing to capture everything, in an unobtrusive way.

We have and would be happy to recommend Peter Lane photography to family and friends.

Andre Chris  - brit milah
Andre Chris Enfield Conservative Association
I’m writing with regards to the excellent photography services provided by Peter Lane, in both a personal and business capacity, over the past five years. 

Peter is reliable, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. He interacts with his clients well, bringing out the best in them and capturing the essence of each moment.

Being President of the Enfield and Southgate Conservative Association, I often hold high profile events and Peter has recorded the proceedings for publicity purposes. He has worked with many high ranking politicians including Boris Johnson MP, Kenneth Clark CH QC MP and more recently, Zac Goldsmith MP, Sajid Javid – Secretary of State for Business, Jeremy Hunt – Secretary of State for Health. 

I would highly recommend Peter’s photography services.

Yours truly, 

Mrs Andre Chris
Rose Gray  - brit milah
Rose Gray Bar Mitzvah mom
Peter is truly the most amazing photographer!! Amaaaaaazing pics and pleasure to work with. Highly Highly recommend him!
Alyona Muchinskaya  - brit milah
Alyona Muchinskaya Quintessentially
I met Peter Lane in Moscow in 2008 and was calling him the Russian Testino because of his extraordinary genius for photography and perfect Russian. All clients addressed to him just rave about his talent and warm human personality. I’m pleased to know and recommend Peter.

Bris Photography

£550 £450
Some baby photos before the ceremony
Portraits with the family before or after the ceremony
Documentary coverage of the ceremony
High Resolution images, all digitally edited
Speedy image delivery - fastest in UK, up to two days after the event
Private Online gallery for six months
£150 - extra professional photographer
£290 - Top Quality Brit Milah album

Brit Milah Documentary Video

£650 £550
One operator
Documentary coverage
One DVD SD quality
£400 - Extra camera man
£50 - DVD burn & duplication each

To book the day 1/3 of the agreed total amount is required, and the balance due up to 20 days before the event – cash is OK too.

Brit Milah Enquiry

Cake Smash Photography

Cake smash photography is a new trend in UK and we truly enjoy to photograph and experience the innocent madness 🙂

Perfect for first, second and third Birthdays, your little one can not only eat the cake but smash it to bits, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate your baby’s birthday than smashing a big cake! So if you missed out on your baby’s first birthday you have a second chance to celebrate big again. A Cake Smash produces brilliant photographs and is fantastically messy fun for all. Why not use the images on your Birthday Party invites?

Being the first mobile photographers to bring Cake Smash sessions in (London, Kent and Essex, and Herts) your home we love to come up with new themes and ideas. We remove the stress as organising everything in your house when your little one feels safe and happy. Your Cake Smash is tailored to your baby’s favourite things so you can have it decorated to match their bedroom and everything they love. It takes some time and preparation so think about it few months in advance.

Cake smash photo sessions can get very messy so make sure that you have a spare set of clothes for you and your birthday baby. We have lots of fun during these sessions, a few images of your little one will be taken before the cake comes out so they are familiar with the camera and us. Then the cake comes in and we get smashing! We suggest booking your cake smash session at least two months before you want your session to take place.

We offer the Cake smash photo shoot in 3 packages as you can see in the pricing section on this page, plus 2 options of video coverage – documentary with just bits of edit or cinematic where the goal is 5 min. short cinema look video to be given to the little baby on their Wedding, Bar Mitzvah or other important day as a memento of their first birthday, the people around them giving words of blessing and devotion. We create this trend, so you’re welcome to become one of the pioneers.

You have a question? Please read the F.A.Q. section on this page

To book the day for you, please fill in the form on this page

Do you shoot Cake Smash outside of London?
Do you give the digital files?
Can you hold the date for me?
When can we get the images?
Why the photo shoot starts from your arrival ?
How many photos do you give?
Photo session in our house, can you really do that?
How does the online gallery work? How do we view our Cake Smash images?
When is the final balance due?
What is the difference between the documentary video and cinema film?
Do you provide birthday cakes ?
Are your prices too high ?
Can I order an album and how much is it?
Not answered your question?
Just Smash It
Smash The Cake PLUS
Smash The Cake Family
Smash The Cake on Video
To be updated very soon. Please come again this week for more info.

Cake Smash Enquiry

a new blog was born

Hey guys our new blog was born!

The old blog still remains alive but this one will be different.

We decided that this new blog will reflect who we are not as professionals only but as human beings, citizens, friends, etc. It will reflect who we are and what we believe in. There will be plenty of photos and videos of course but now we’ll be more focused on our clients, our brides to be and new photographers. Our goal is to make everyone’s life more pleasant and less stressful. If you have questions, ideas, suggestion … feel free to shoot. Petya, myself and the rest of our team will be happy to create a warm community.

Kindest regards,
Peter xx