Frequently Asked Question regarding our Wedding Photography, videography and retouching services

For most of you your wedding will be the most important day in your life to date so choosing the right videographers, photographers, etc. will come with lots of questions. Below are some of the most common questions we got asked. However if you still have more questions then feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer them.

Where are you located?
Who are your clients?
Can you hold the date for me?
Do you have insurance?
Why do you call your price list - investments?
When do you arrive on the wedding day?
What is your approach?
What style do you shoot?
How many photos do you take?
How does the online gallery work? How do we view our wedding images?
How does the album design process work?
Why do you shoot weddings?
How much do you charge? - the short answer
Who can afford your services?
Why your wedding photography prices are not online?
Do you offer pre wedding or post wedding photo shoots?
How do we book you?
Do you shoot destination weddings?
Do we have to cover your expenses for our destination wedding?
What differs you from other wedding photographers?
Why is important to meet the couple before the wedding?
Do we need a second photographer?
Are there any - hidden - costs in your wedding collections?
When will I receive my photos?
Are the brides from your After Glow Gallery professional models? They look awesome!
Do you need to see the venue before the wedding day?
Does the price of the service include albums?
What is the quality of the photo albums in your base collections?
How can we meet to discuss our wedding?
What is the best way of discussing our wedding plans with you?
Can I make my own prints?
Payment methods?
Why is good photography so expensive?
What is Trash the Stress or After Glow?
Can we order an album after the wedding?
Who owns the sources?
How much cost your photo sessions?
Will you travel to my house for a shoot?
How long takes a photo session?
What do I have to bring with myself in a studio photo session?
How can I be better prepared for a bridal boudoir or a portrait photo session?
Can I have a drink before the session in order to get relaxed?
Do you retouch your photos?
How much do your charge for your retouching services?
Do you cover weddings outside of London?
Do you film weddings only?
Do you film Destination Weddings?
Do you film Indian Weddings?
Do you cover any other type of weddings?
Why are your prices higher than other wedding video companies we see online?
Your packages don't fit the coverage we are looking for can we have a package made to our personnel requirements?
Do you offer Photography?
How does the relationship between the photographer and videographer work?
What equipment do you use?
We are getting married in peak season. We are interested in the 'Highlights Only' package is there no way we can book this?
How do we book?
When do we meet?
When is the final balance due?
How long does the video take to complete?
Can we make changes?
Can we choose our own music for the movie?
How long do you keep a copy of our wedding footage?
Not answered your question?
Why retouch is needed?
Who can use your services?
How can I send photos for retouching?
How much do your charge for your services?
Do you retouch amateur photos?
What image format do you support?
Do you design wedding and other albums?
What does -price is per person/object- mean?
What if I don't like the retouched image?
I want to receive two different images from one photo, how do I do this?
Payment methods?