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The Big Fat Green Wedding Story of Anna & Peter, by Greek Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

One morning I found this email … “Peter, I was searching for Greek Wedding Photographer based in London and I found you, we love your portfolio.” We had a lovely meeting discussing all plans and ideas, stress factors, going thru the day from A to Z. Cinematography Package was offered and Anna & Peter were happy to have all the media under one roof. I encouraged them to ask questions as engaged people very often miss important things, which is normal, people don’t get married every day. Helping them in that stressful moment (with advices, recommendations, ideas, logistics, etc.) makes the different between being just a wedding photographer and trustful professional wedding photographer.

I was happy that they have booked Cleopatra the Greek band, so the good party was guaranteed. Also happy that they took my advice seriously and booked Anna Savvides, an amazing event planner with a big big hearth.

After the meeting Peter messaged me “top secret” … there will be a surprise, someone with alpaca will meet the bride at the church entrance with rings being on alpaca, etc. For that moment I ignored the message as I knew that word alpaca describes a metal and I thought a metallic alpaca tray with the rings, who cares what kind of metal is it … but then 2 weeks before the wedding I read it all carefully and I said, hold on, let’s Google it. And Boom! Really? So crazy and so sweet. None of our photographers & wedding videographers had witnessed such a church introduction before and we all were very excited.

So, the Big Day! We started Peter’s stolisma early in the morning, followed by Anna’s preps and stolisma.

Everyone was excited to see Anna’s reaction on the 2 alpacas waiting by the church entrance. What would passing people think about Greek weddings. Imagine you drive your car, passing by a Greek Orthodox church and see 2 animals stay at the front door.

I wish I would be in Anna’s shoes that moment. She was so happy and excited to see the alpacas. Later on, I understood that one of them has been adopted by her.

Radisson Blu Edwardian was carefully set and organized by Anna Savvides. Here I want to share a moment for those of you reading this who plan a Greek Wedding. Book a wedding planner! This is not an advice, this is a must-have. You know the Greek culture – being on time, keeping things organized… is not in the list of the strongest community features. Without an event planner get ready for lots of surprises. Anna Savvides you were amazing! As always.

Speeches. You can’t hear brides’ speeches often. Anna’s speech straight from the hearth was kind, smart and spicy.

Lyra Dance Group lead by Anna was another surprise of the day. Another bridal dress, light and elegant. Everyone was upright and clapping. Such a great Greek dance performance!

Here I’ll stop my writing and let you enjoy the photos. Anna & Peter, my team of Greek Wedding photographers & videographers wishes you a long happy life together. Na ze se te!

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