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Fine art wedding photography

Artistic, Creative and Fine Art wedding photography


Luxury, Elegant and Timeless are our favorite words to describe Fine-art wedding photography. As a Fine art wedding photographer London, I take pride of not only capturing moments of the wedding day, but also every detail that have taken so much planning.


A wedding is one of the most magical days. A celebration of love, commitment, and emotion. As one of the best Wedding photographers in London we are tasked with documenting the festivities for decades to come.

Sometimes the best way to capture such a day is by thinking outside of the box. This is where fine art photography fills the gap for those that want their day to be represented with more story to it.

Hiring a professional Fine art wedding photographer

Fine art wedding photographers London capture images that are intended to be appreciated as art, not just a documentation of the event. Many artistic wedding photographers are  putting a great care into the detail of the scene.
Artistic inclination stems from unique composition, new perspectives, and having a strong storytelling element in the photographs. As much of fine art is about the artist as it is about the subject of the photograph.

Shallow depth of field, pastel colours and ethereal beauty.
Fine art plays into wedding photography wonderfully. It goes beyond displaying the subject. It expresses the emotion and feeling behind it all.

Luxury London based photography & videography services

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we are proud to have an unbeatable photography and videography portfolio. Offering high class photographers & videographers with unbeatable experience in their field. Turnaround delivery speed, edit, vision, style diversity - things that our returning clients love and appreciate. Enjoy Peter Lane Creative Studio.

Multi-cultural wedding photography London

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we respect all different cultures, religions and ceremonies, we enjoy to photograph many different weddings in London, whole UK and destination locations.