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Greek wedding – Andrea & Warren

The Big Fat Greek Wedding Story of Andrea & Warren, by Greek Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

The North London Cypriot  community often  calls me – The Greek Wedding Photographer of London, and as a wedding photographer I meet a lot of people, listen to their stories, dreams and worries. You have probably read my article about the wedding of Andrea & Kyri, so the interesting thing here is that Andrea Prodromou is a cousin of Andrea Prodromou 🙂 I met Andrea & Warren almost 2 years ago, half a year before her cousin’s wedding. A lovely family together with Andrea’s mom and dad and their adorable little children.

A week before the wedding the forecast change giving a whole week of rain including the wedding day. So we all swapped plan B as a plan A. Luckily it was an amazing sunny day cut from the global forecast. That was a big gift from above allowing us to have outdoor photos in the beautiful venue garden – The Prince Regent Hotel.

Andrea’s stolisma was an emotional experience – tears, emotions … things that can’t be said by words, only hearth to hearth. It was lovely to see the support of the bride’s son holding her hand during that moment, together with her little daughter sleeping next to him during the noisy ceremony.

Tear of joy and emotional moments met the bride and her father appearing at the registry aisle. This time it was the groom.

Confetty, family photos and canapés… followed by the big entrance. Dj Funksy & Praxis Entreatment introduced all the main heroes of the day with a high start of party mood. I was glad to see a saxophone in the band, not very  usual for Greek weddings. Two singer, brilliant musicians and amazing mix of Greek, house, modern English and R&B. Good job Funksy!

Speeches! So much from the hearth and so little of reading. Touchy, deep and emotional. Our whole team my second wedding photographer and two wedding videographers truly enjoyed listening and capturing the audience reactions. Well done to all speakers including little Leo and the youngest family member who put and end of speeches with: We did it! 

Then you know what followed, Greek dance, fun and lots of laughter.

What an amazing Greek wedding!

Top Tips on Planning Your Destination Wedding in Greece

Top Tips on Planning Your Destination Wedding in Greece

destination wedding photographer in Greece

Romantic sunsets, gorgeous beaches and beautiful weather – your dream wedding in Greece! It’s perfect for larger wedding parties and great for those wanting a more intimate affair. 
The fabulous climate and endless blue skies provide a stunning backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. 
Having a destination wedding is both memorable and adventurous.

If you are planning your wedding in Greece it is a good idea to plan things out well in advance. You should allow some more time for researching your perfect venue. One of the best decisions you can make early on is hiring a wedding planner, destination wedding photographer and wedding videographer. 
Also you should be thinking about giving enough time to your guests to secure their travel plans.

A destination wedding requires you to send Save the Date cards with as much notice as possible, 6 – 9 months being ideal. It gives guests a chance to consider their financial situation, book time off work and make travel arrangements.The more notice you give will increase their chances of attending.

Hire a wedding planner
 At times, you’re going to find planning your destination wedding a little stressful.

We believe everyone can plan a wedding, but some people do it better than others. For these people, it’s their profession and they do it every day of the week. Hiring a wedding planner will mean that you will have more time to relax, chill out and explore your new surroundings with family and friends.
 A good planner will take things to the next level by handling all the details and can make things a lot easier for you.

Hire a destination wedding photographer

When planning a destination wedding you need to consider bringing a professional wedding photographer you love with you to ensure your pictures are perfect.
Hiring a destination wedding photographer it allows you to find the best wedding photographer that matches your style. It allows you to find a photographer you connect with and trust, so that you don’t need to worry and feel comfortable with them.
Capturing your wedding day will give you memories and amazing photos to treasure for life. Make sure you hire your perfect wedding photographer in Greece to capture it all.

Greek Wedding Andrea & Kyri

Andrea & Kyri – The “Big Fat Greek Wedding” redefined by Greek wedding photographer London Peter Lane

Being Greek wedding photographer for years it was a privilege to shoot Andrea & Kyri’s wedding. We met Andrea & Kyri a year ago and it took only few minutes to notice the spark in their eyes. 10 years together and if you don’t know it you may think that they have just started dating. After leaving our office they left illumination of very bright energy, love and kindness. It’s a true blessing not only to work with people like them but to know them and have as friends.

Well, the date was close, everything ready and fixed long time ago and they both looked quite relaxed. I was surprised to see the always super calm and confident Kyri walking nervous in the church, waiting for his soulmate in a beautiful white dress, few moments later, wow, tear drops … and as later on he explains in the speech, something got in his eyes 🙂

Greek wedding photographer London

The wedding was a rollercoaster of emotions and as Eagles sing “sweet summer sweat”, a wedding party that everyone wants to remember and no one wants to forget. The big party started with yaya on the dance floor, you just have to see her face that moment, pure and sincere happiness … everyone around her swimming in tears of joy, truly unforgettable moment for my team and sure for the bride & groom’s family. Cleopatra band really knew how to keep the dance floor hot and full. We work with them for years and we always enjoy their talent. But there was a new start of the night, one of the guests took the microphone and boom, the jumping crowd hit the roof. That was the “the bearded butcher” as we know him from the social media, amazing with the microphone and super star on the dance floor.

What can I say, I really try hard to keep this article as short as possible and let you enjoy the photos. A week after the wedding and I still feel trilled and excited as if it was yesterday and as if that was my wedding.

I was so happy when Andrea’s mother told me that night, Peter you’re like part of the family already. So so kind and priceless words!

Dear family we wish you all the very best in your life together. Keep on smiling, you do it very well. Keep on being yourself, the world needs people like you! Lots of love from Peter Lane Photography team! xx

Before to say amen I wish to say few words of gratitude and appreciation to Tewin Bury Farm venue and their awesome event organisers, wedding cake by Magical Cakery, the Burgeon floral design and their spectacular floral decorations and The Wedding Lounge with the attention for all details that turns a wedding into a fairytale. We work with them for years and the quality of their service is always 5 stars! Tapenade Exclusive Cuisine, first time with your catering and smily staff, you won your place in our suppliers list, so well done! Limelight Films, we were happy to share the day with you, first time together but we know the quality of your work. Hope to see you again, great team!