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Posing for Brides Workshop

posing for brides photography workshop

Posing for Brides Photography Workshop

This is the newest and most demanding workshop now.

Target audience is wedding photographers and brides to be.

If you’re getting married soon I’m sure that you’ve been on many wedding photographer’s web sites, you’ve seen many photos and you want to look better than any bride in the world.

We started this tutorial/workshop because of 2 reasons:

  • We’ve seen lots of beautiful brides on bad photos and some not so beautiful brides that look like models after proper lighting and posing. Many photographers are just clickers now and this is the truth (if you see … only for £400, 500, 600, etc. you 100% risk your wedding memories), fired office workers with nice new cameras or just relatives with good wishes and no experience and knowledge… If you are REALLY in a budget and want to risk your wedding with a cheap  photographer bear in mind that you can’t blame them for the photos afterwords and you can’t reorganise and reshoot it properly, but the only thing you can do is to learn to pose and behave in a natural and fashion way.
  • Our fashion and beauty experience has taught us what to show and what to hide based on your body and bone structure, how to squeeze the pose for better look, and we would like to share my knowledge with you.

The tutorial/workshop covers:

  •  how to prepare the light in the room and what is the best spot? Never thought about it? That’s why you’re here now.
  •  how to attract the right light?
  •  how to deal with the photographers if they seem doesn’t know what to do or over stressed?
  •  do I need to teach my photographer? Yes, for 90% of the wedding photographers out there. Why and how?
  •  how to pose like a model and still look natural?
  •  which parts of the body make the beautiful portrait, or ruin it?
  •  how to pose if I’m over weight, with big arms, with skully face, round face, too long nose, my boy is too tall, etc.?
  •  how to pose in a group and family portraits and how to help your family to look good too (especially important for non English speaking parents)?
  •  how to pose for bride and groom portraits?
  •  how to teach the groom to look good too?
  •  who is more important?
  •  how to kiss my honey? Peter isn’t it a stupid question?
  •  posing for the groom only
  •  and much more

Prepare your questions and let’s arange 1 on 1 or sign up for the upcoming workshop.

We teach our couples all that in the Engagement or Love Story photo session that comes with my wedding collections. They are so excited of the end result and this is what we all need.

£99 for a group 1-2 hours workshop at least 10 people required and you take all you photos taken.

£199 per 1 on 1 online per hour.

Book Peter Lane Photography wedding services and take the Engagement / Love story photosession free of charge.

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

13 + 8 =

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