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Wedding album workflow

custom luxury wedding album in green and pine wood colours

Wedding Album workflow by Peter Lane Photography

Wedding albums (any albums) – the right workflow

NOTE: It’s not about wedding albums only. The rest of the albums, like: christening album, bar mitzvah album, birthday or baby album, portfolio album, etc, follow the same or very similar workflow.

Why do we still order albums in the 21st Century? The camera obscura gave the birth of photography as a tangible product, and since then, any essential memory is expected to have high value as such. To be printed, archived, and cherished.

Why do we –  Peter Lane Photography – still offer albums to our clients, and also design and provide the service to other photographers?

The answer is simple. We love to do it as it brings massive joy to our clients. We always shoot our events with the album in mind as a finished product. 

What do we do better than others?

Well, most of the photographers out there are not even photographers. Sorry about that! I’ve seen a lot, so I can say it. Having a website and a business card that says a photographer, doesn’t necessarily make one. This is half of the problem. The other half is, there are brilliant photographers in the industry, but they don’t have any knowledge and experience to design, layout, tell a story with images, and very important – to print! I mean it.

90% of the photographers now just use drag and drop software, which will do the layout job. No storytelling at all! Just populating empty pages with randomly spread images. Next, next, and finish! Print.

Roughly the same process when you order from cheap online vendors.

Now you know the wrong way, so let me explain the right one.

Technical education

Every digital file photo is just a source of information. If you want a nice-looking and sharp print with vivid colors, using this image is not enough. Every printer or offset works with different profiles and settings. Different papers also have different profiles and instructions for the printer and the ink. I’m skipping monitor calibration and tons of extra technical knowledge. So, printing a non-optimized image for the specific printer and paper will deliver mediocre results. Well, if the client doesn’t have the chance to compare it with a professionally printed image, they can still like it, but this is another story.

This is about the technical stuff. Scratching the surface of course.

Our wedding album making workflow

Now to the designer’s part of album making. The goal of every album is to tell a story. The layout should lead the eye and provoke feelings. Every spread should reveal a unique story. The good album is like the good wine. Aging makes it more attractive and desirable. 

NOTE: When we speak about aging, it’s very important to note that we always work with the world’s best providers, offering durability and longevity. If the client is “on budget”, OK, your wish is my command, but we won’t leave our logo on the last page. It’s a shame to open your album in 20 years and to realize that colours fade off, corners split apart, etc.

So, our wedding album workflow and what to expect by working with us:

1/ The very first page comes with a nice font introduction that usually comes from the client. It could be just “Our wedding” and date, a poem, a vow, etc. The second page (still on the first spread) is either a romantic photo of the bride and groom or a close-up detail, like a wedding ring, wedding dress, etc.

2/ The last spread is again a photo of bride and groom (whoever the event hero is) on the left page, and our studio signature on the last page, the right one. The album starts and finishes with the couple. 90%.

3/ Every spread tells a certain story in chronological order. No overlapping! We don’t mix let’s say venue details plus first dance, group shots with bridal preps, or ceremony with dancing people. This is taboo! This rule guarantees certain feelings in the viewer years after the event. You look at the ceremony spread and discuss with your guests’ memories from this moment. Then you flip the page and you remember the funny speech of the groomsmen. Everybody laughing. Then next spread, everybody crying, etc. The good album is not just a book with images, but rather a memento experience.

From time to time we have requests “we’re on a budget and want to merge the pages”. We have to explain that merging the dancing page with another one is fine if the client can live with smaller photos, of course. But merging one story with another is totally wrong from the designer’s point of view.

4/ Every spread we design, we pick a hero photo and make it full-page or larger than others. If there’re few photos that compete with each other, then we make an exclusion and design accordingly.

5/ The album workflow is a step-by-step interactive dance with the client.

  • – We always design more pages than the agreed amount, as our clients love our photography and the majority of clients just want more. It is easier for us to offer more and let the client remove the excess than the opposite. It’s a great time saver and guess what? 99% of our clients approve and love the extra pages.
  • – The proofing process goes in 2 stages. The first stage is design approval. The client receives a link with their digital online album, with the ability to click on a photo and comment the desired changes, like: replace with …, remove, add on another one, make it bigger, move it to another page, etc. Approve the whole page or mark for removal. After clicking on the finish button, we receive the clients’ comments and redesign according to the desired changes. The client has one free layout review.
  • – After layout approval, we start working on beauty retouching, body shaping, other improvements, coloration, sharpness, skin smoothing, etc. Followed by file optimization for the specific printer and paper type. To save time we don’t retouch all hundreds of images piece by piece. We export each spread and treat it as an individual image, that contains other images. So we don’t provide retouched images afterward, but only retouched spreads for the purpose of the album. This is the reason that we don’t accept structural/layout amendments at this stage, as we have to start everything from scratch. Unless paid of course.
  • – Next step is choosing the colour theme and cover/boxing material preferences. We offer hundreds of them to please everyone.
  • – Next step before printing is to request the payment for extra pages/materials, etc.
  • – The album comes in 1-2 months. The client can’t hold tears of joy, and we’re over the moon for the great job that we deliver.

So dear ladies and gentlemen, now you understand why our albums can’t compare to others. Why do we spend days finishing an album compared to a few clicks by other “colleagues”. We always request the local wedding couples to come and visit us. We know that they’ll meet other photographers too, but the moment they touch and feel our albums, they don’t go any further.

Lea’s Bat Mitzvah

A Fantastic Bat Mitzvah at Cafe Royal London by Peter Lane Photography

Few days ago, our Simcha team of Bat Mitzvah photographers and videographers were honoured to capture the amazing Mitzvah party of Lea in Cafe Royal Hotel London.

Two years ago we were honoured to photograph and film Jeremy, the big brother. Booked straight after his Bar Mitzvah we were exited to witness Lea’s Bat Mitzvah. What a great party 9Events! Amazing work with the venue, great overall performance – musicians, DJ, MC, dancers … always to the highest standards.

Ronny, Vanessa, Jeremy, Jojo & Lea, you’re an amazing family. We wish you all a life full of blessings. Lea, Mazel Tov! Let’s all your wishes come true, enjoy life to the fullest!

Here on your attention a selection of highlight photos, if interested in more please ask the family for password –

For those of you who read this and planing a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding, feel free to contact and book in advance. Limited availability as our clients book at least 1-2 years in advance. The best Simcha photography and videography collection in London.

Refael’s Bar Mitzvah

Refael’s amazing Bar Mitzvah Week

Three days with Madar family into a single week, that was a blessing for myself and my team of Simcha photographers and videographers – Peter Lane Photography.

Perfect venue choice Miriam! Beyond Certainty, you made it look so posh and stylish, well done! Avenue 10, what can I say … jaws down. What a party! You know how to spark the crowd and you guys do it with such a passion. Second day in a raw with Avenue 10 and DJ Jonny Bluestone, a brilliant team!

Meeting there lots of clients of ours and already friends I felt like a family part of the party.

Whatever I write about Ezri’s gathering it will be not enough. Such a passion in food – preparation, styling, personal care about everyone incl. staff, and the most important – very very tasty! 3 days this week with Ezri and I’m very happy to recommend him to everyone.

Great job Peter Lane team – Petya, Toto and Dan for capturing and creating these amazing memories!

And now to Refael – very intelligent, well mannered and kind young man, full of charisma and very vibrant spirit. Rafael, we wish you a happy life full of joy. Lots of health, you know how important it is now. Plenty of God’s blessings to you and your amazing family. Mazel Tov!

Enjoy the selection of edited photos bellow (video is coming soon). For more please ask the family for access – click here

P.S. if you like our style of Bar Mitzvah photography & videography, please get in touch and book before others. Our clients usually book 2y in advance for BM and 1-2y in advance for weddings.

Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah

Sophia’s Fantastic Bat Mitzvah in London Marriott by Peter Lane Photography

What a great party! Few days ago, our Peter Lane Simcha team of Bat Mitzvah photographers and videographers were honoured to capture the amazing Mitzvah party of Sophia.

Great job Avenue 10 for arranging everything from A to Z and the great music performance, lights, decoration …, DJ Jonny Bluestone – you rock! Flowers by Miri! You all made Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah party absolutely magical.

Sophia, Mazel Tov! We wish you all happiness in live! Plenty of God’s blessings to you and your lovely family.

Enjoy the photos and video.

For more photos of the day click here:

Ask family for access.

For those of you who read this and planing a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding, feel free to contact and book in advance. Limited availability as our clients book at least 1-2 years in advance. The best Simcha photography and videography team in London by Peter Lane Photography.

Emily’s Bat Mitzvah – Kinloss Synagogue Party

Emily’s amazing Bat Mitzvah Party

Year 2017 Weinstein family booked Peter Lane Photography Simcha team to photograph and video Ben’s Bar Mitzvah. I was advised: “Howard is very picky, if he likes your work, everyone will know it, but same applied if he doesn’t”. I said fine, this is what I love – picky, fussy and straight forward people. The aftermath, few days after the Bar Mitzvah party we were booked for 3 years in advance to film and shoot Emily’s Bat Mitzvah party.

If you compare the photos you’ll notice how children grow up, how Caroline remains beautiful and charming as 3y ago and how Howard keeps that crazy young spirit, something that Ben and Oly try to copy but still long way to go – Lol!

We were blessed to work along 9EVENTS team – great music mix, great job Dan Hilton, top violin, singer, dancers and MC performance that kept everyone on feet through the whole party. Lasers, decoration, lights, the whole ambient crafty organised by (EVENTS. Words are short to describe, you have to see the video bellow. 

Great job Peter Lane team – Petya, Toto and Dan for capturing and creating these amazing memories!

And now to Emily – such a lovey young girl, full of energy and very vibrant spirit. Emily, we wish you a happy life full of joy.

Mazel Tov!

Enjoy the selection of edited photos bellow, for more please ask the family for access here

P.S. if you like our style of Bar Mitzvah photography & videography, please get in touch and book before others. Our clients usually book 2y in advance for BM and 1-2y in advance for weddings.

Should I book a wedding videographer

Wedding videography a must or a maybe



There is something very special about a picture that captures spontaneous moments. The first kiss, or when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Wedding photography allows us not just to capture the moment, but to freeze the emotions associated with those moments.
The first look the couple have on their wedding day is an utterly magical moment. Imagine if it was captured on beautiful cinematic wedding video. Who wouldn’t want to watch it back in all its glory and relive that special moment?


Should we have a wedding videographer

Remembering what happens during your wedding day is not easy. Wedding videography preserves every important moment of your big day and relive it in real time. From listening to the speeches, to reliving the ceremony and your vows, including the emotion in your voices, is priceless.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer enables you to capture all the special moments and fleeting emotions, in real time. A wedding video is powerful enough not just to remind you of the day, but to bring you back to the feelings, emotions and sounds of those precious moments.
It allows you to feel the spirit of the day, and remember exactly what it all felt like.

Best wedding photography and wedding videography in London

For those of you who read this and planning your Big day, feel free to contact us so we can begin creating beautiful memories, together.
The best wedding photography and wedding videography services. Our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers will capture all important moments of your wedding  through an exquisite collection of breathtakingly beautiful photographs and cinematic videos.

Sanel & Necip – Hylands House

The Big Fat Cypriot Turkish Wedding Story of Senel & Necip, by London Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

Cypriot Turkish wedding in Highlands House Essex

Being wedding photographers we meet a lot of people, listen to their stories, dreams and worries. Here a short story of one amazing couple.

Once upon a time In Instagram a beautiful lady texted me: Peter, I love your work, it so different and alive… are you available for my wedding? I didn’t see it immediately and I got a phone call from a groom to be asking for a meeting. At the end of the meeting I had to say, if you like what we do you must be quick with deposit as there’s another client interested. The lady from Instagram. Then I was surprised that she is his fiancée!

All booked – full package photography and video and we started counting the time. We were very exited. Not as much as the groom who kept on contacting months before with that kind of messages: Peter, the wedding is tomorrow, lets discuss it. 

So, here the Big day. We arrived in the beautiful Essex Highlands House, such an amazing wedding venue. Two things captured our attention. The bride was calm and confident, even when everyone around her panicked about the lost bridal dress ribbon. The dress was something unique that I haven’t experienced before. I’m sure it was more than 20-30kg. I tried to lift it up and hang in corridor for a dress shot and I couldn’t. I had to ask my assistant to help me up.   

Senel & Necip celebrates and amazing Cypriot wedding by the Turkish traditions, music and food. Our team of wedding photographers and videographers had a great time and wish you guys long life, health and happiness! 

For those of you planning a wedding soon, feel free to contact and please take a look at our portfolio, incl the videography portfolio.