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Maternity Photography London and rest of UK

Best time to book my photo shoot?

Ideally, maternity photo sessions shout be done at the seventh mont of your pregnancy so you can have enough volume but still not too have and tired. It’s up to you. Two months notice for mid-week session should be enough. Short notice days are limited but still available.

Can you do it in my house?

Yes, we can install a mobile studio in your living room if it’s large enough. At least 5 meters excl. furniture. An extra cost should be applied depends on your location, road, and parking fees.

For extra pay (usually from £250) we can book a nice premise for you for more fine-art artistic photos.

What do I need to do?

Have a good sleep, healthy breakfast and bring over the best mood you can.

You can book a make up artist or we can do this for you. Make up is essential for female portraits. If you are skilled enough to do it yourself – our advice is: more powder.

How does it work?

Depends on location, but usually we use black, white and sometimes a third choice of colour backgrounds, combined by few different outfits. Feel free to bring yours.

You’ll be guided from one pose to another, going from full size to close ups.

In few days you’ll have all photos uploaded in your private gallery. You can order prints directly and make your selection for a stylish Italian hand made album. Asl.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Sure. You’re welcome to bring over your partner, children or pets. This way you’ll have a descent selection of different photos.

How do we book and pay?

£100 deposit is enough. The balance is either cash on the day or transfer the day before the photo shoot. Credit cards not accepted.

My question is not here

Please get in touch. We’ll be happy to cooperate.

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Document the beauty of your pregnancy with maternity photography you’ll never forget! We can create beautiful fine art portraits in your home, in a specially hired fancy interior place, or in a studio. In all that locations your maternity photographer will create a photo that’s a truly fine art.

There are some real benefits to having your pictures taken by a professional London maternity photographer while you are pregnant. It is a time to be remembered and cherished forever, and maternity photography makes that possible. One of the most unique and most important times in a couple’s or a family’s life is when a new addition comes into their life. London Maternity Photographer Peter Lane says that to capture this on still frame photo is an exquisite new trend. It is a magical moment that should be forever captured with maternity photography and held dear.

Peter Lane Maternity photography is natural and unobtrusive, the goal is to show your love to your child from the moment of existence. The memories can be forever cherished through maternity photography. There is nothing more beautiful than the female silhouette, except the female silhouette during pregnancy. A professional maternity photographer knows how to capture the beauty and simplicity that all come together to make a timeless masterpiece known as maternity photography. During a maternity photography session, studio lighting helps to accentuate the female shape and allows for the nuances of the pregnant body to really make a bold impact. A maternity photographer can make the beauty of the silhouette truly memorable, and Peter’s final photos are always gorgeous.

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