BLESSED to be a photographer!

aboutWhat I do might be the missing ingredient to your unique and most special event.

Because a picture tells a story each of my photographs aim to tell a story for you and about you… beautifully… full of poetry and magic… of a kind which rings true for ever more…
My photos are always your photos because I let your sincere and spontaneous emotions pass right through the lens… and into some of you most treasured personal photos.

As you may have guessed by now, to me photography is less than a profession and more of a passion. I am passionate about aiming higher with every photograph I make. I am passionate about making my clients feel ever more grateful and happy with their photographs. And I am truly blessed because my clients turn to friends for life.

I trust that you are now reading this page because you have looked at my photographs and liked what you saw. Be certain that I will do my very best so that your photographs will tell your story with even more poetry and magic for you. Also, be certain that I will make every effort to run a smooth and unobtrusive photographic operation by making full use of leading professional tools, of my extensive experience and skills.

My aim is for you to feel the thrill of your wedding day, or of that very special moment, every time you open your album or glance over that photo. My aim is for your children and grandchildren to be inspired and excited when looking at your photos, that much closer to you and to the story of your life.

Please have look at the testimonials sent by my wonderful and very special clients.

My international more than 11 years photographic career has taken me through USA, Spain, Russia and the UK and also to destination photography around the world. My photographs have been published in number of magazines in many countries.

I very much look forward to becoming your favourite and treasured personal photographer… whichever may be the special event which deserves to be recorded and treasured… requiring either wedding, fashion, portrait or journalistic and candid photography and be it anywhere in the world.

Peter Rosen Lane

Peter Lane Photography Ltd.

aboutPeter Lane Photography Ltd. is the heart of Peter Lane Creative Studio and it started as a family driven photography & cinematography business. My partner Petya is a big part of it. She is the engine of the company, managing our team of assistants, photographers and videographers, dealing with vendors, social media, marketing, emails, shooting and filming Jewish Simcha, Muslim female engagements and weddings, and every function where a female photographer is a must have. Petya is a real blessing for our clients, the team and myself.

Peter Lane Creative Studio

Peter Lane Creative Studio is the natural evolution of Peter Lane Photography. Being in the industry for a long time we created and educated a team with good photographers, videographers, retouchers, editors and designers. Our collective skill offer a good one stop broad range visual media to our clients, consistent results and quality.

For the last few years we turned to a visual arts agency after implementing the Standard Packages (info on our wedding photography page) and the Associates Team fresh blood professionals. Same time we keep The Premium Collections and individual bespoke attitude to our high end clients.

… and this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

Peter Lane Associates Team

Petya and myself we cover maximum 20 Premium Collection weddings a year, giving the client extra time, extra edit, extra spoil and the best of our more than 11 years international experience.

In 2015 though we incorporated Peter Lane Associate Photographers & videographers team together with the Standard Packages, offering more affordable prices for the many enquiries we receive every day. We decided to give a chance to ambitious young photographers and videographers, to help them with education and guiding and let them prove themselves.

Who is our client?

Everyone who loves and appreciates photography & cinematography. As you can see from above we have something for everybody: The Premium Collections and The Standard Packages. Different budgets, different clients and different services but same professional attitude and dedication. We’re highly devoted and passionated full time professionals, and try to avoid “gocompare”, “groupon”, “wowcher”, etc. deal hunting attitude clients. We don’t answer the “how much” emails. Our clients work with us not because of the prices but because of our professionalism, creative background, vision, skills, passion and attitude.

We shoot and film local and destination weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Christenings, Anniversaries, Newborns, corporate, celebrities and politicians like Mr. Boris Johnson, Zak Goldsmith, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, David Borrow, Kenneth Clark, and many others.