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Easy, fast and cheap is not your style. You’re looking for an experienced creator you can trust and work alongside.

The connection you’ve made with your pet defines you, and you want to commemorate it for years to come. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Peter Lane Creative Studio! Welcome to the best pet photography & filmography place in London, the rest of UK and EU.

High end fine art pet – cat, horse, dog photographer & cinematographer London

We hang on walls photos of people we love, how about our ever loving dog, or maybe cat, horse …? We often love conditionally but how about the unconditional love that you can see in the eyes of your dog, your best non human friend? This is what we photograph, this is what we film. Because they deserve it! Agree? Your pet has made an enormous impact on your life and your heart that will never fade. We are ready to capture this magic with artwork that’s authentic and beautiful, because this creature deserves nothing less. Whether your dog’s a lanky adolescent or is getting on in years, you’re ready to freeze a moment in time so you can look back on it forever and feel relieved that you did.

Pet cinematic videography London

The cinematic Pet movie is a short scripted story, a glamorous and stylish memory saver of you life with your amazing pet friend. Together with you we build the script and assign the roles for each family member. We spend an amazing day out interacting with your pal and finish with studio voice over recordings.

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