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Romantic Post Wedding Photography – Afterglow, Trash The Dress

Do you photograph or film in London only?

No. We cover the whole island and abroad. We do however have to add on a charge to cover transport and on rare occasions accommodation costs however we try to keep these costs to a minimum.

When can we get the images?

We try to deliver up to 2 days after the photo shoot, because we know how excited you're going to be to see and share with friends.

Can you recommend hair & make up?

With pleasure.

Do we have to literally Trash The Dress?

Not necessarily. The classic Trash the Dress is an American invention and it's very trendy in the West Coast, but as we see in USA that trend is very slow but the so called After Glow is working really well. It stands for an post wedding photo session with accent on fashion, beauty, romantics, nice location, etc.

Can you recommend any fancy locations?

We can recommend any locations, from free public ones to private mansions and castles if your pocket is OK with that.

Do we need to plan in advance?

If you have locations in mind please let us know because we may need to require permission and it takes time. Keep in mind weekends are full with tourists and you won't have a clear background.

How do we book?

After agreement of date/time and location, you'll be given bank details to deposit the photo shoot. The balance due on the day.

Not answered your question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have.

Trash the Dress or Post wedding photo session in London, Essex, Richmond, Kent – UK

Short disclaimer – 2 years ago we started offering post wedding photo sessions not to our wedding couples only as we realised that many Chinese, Russian, UAE, etc. couples come here for a while and want to use the romantic London downtown for their post wedding love story photo shoot. So, almost everything bellow applies to that kind of Post Wedding photo shoots. We’re happy to suggest places that best fit to our clients taste, Make up artist, etc.

Destination after wedding shoot in London – big trip! We got a phone call from a Chinese couple, who were looking for a destination wedding photographer in London, they wanted an after glow photo shoot in downtown London around beautiful Themes bridges, Big Ban, London Eye, Cathedrals, pubs. It was a great experiense for all of us ad since then we started shooting every week pre wedding and post wedding photo shoots in London.

In terms of post wedding creative photography London exceeded our expectations by far, and more. Everywhere we went, there was something new and exciting going on in the background every single second. The couple posed in front of some of the famous buildings, bridges and sights as a memento of both their wedding day and this special city to look back on for many years to come. For us as wedding photographers, the back-drops in London are the stuff that dreams are made of. Many couples around the world chose some of London’s World famous sights as a background for their post wedding photo session. Classic, timeless and unforgettable!

We’ll be happy to be you London post wedding photographer, and always ready to create awesome fine-art photos from your honey moon.

Trash the Dress or After Glow? What is a Trash the Dress Session?

Now that the wedding is over, you have two choices of what to do with the dress. You can suffocate it in a plastic bag and hope that your daughter will want to wear it in 20 years, or you can put it back on and have some fun.

Do I have to really trash it?

Of course not! It’s just a fun session to do when you have more time than the day of the wedding or a situation you wouldn’t dare do the day of the wedding. Sure you can get a little risky with it, like splashing in water or riding horseback in the snow since the fear of getting it dirty is over, but you don’t have to.

Can I still do a session if you didn’t shoot my wedding?

Absolutely! We can certainly add a little spice to your wedding collection even if we didn’t cover the actual event. This is the perfect opportunity to add a different style to your wedding photos and some out of the ordinary locations.

How much does it cost?

You can view our prices online. A typical session would require a Location Session which is anywhere within an hour of London. Outside of this area special arrangements would be necessary.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to schedule your Trash the Dress session and give the dress one more run for the money.

Post wedding photography in London UK for foreigner couples

As experienced London Pre Wedding photographers & cinematographers, we offer pre wedding or engagement photo shoots and cinematic short movies in Central London, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Brighton as well as nationwide UK. We also offer pre-wedding shoots in many major European cities such as Barcelona, Rom, Paris, Venice, Prague, etc. so if you would like your prewedding photography to be held in the European city of your choice, please email us for a quote.

If you’re in love with all that amazing beautiful fashion looking bridal photos in Central London or the white cliffs in South England, bridal photos in castles and really fancy places … prepare your dress and leave all the rest on us. We’re happy to help you out with organising your fashion bridal post wedding shoot in London or any place in UK and Europe. Our promise is: you’ll look like a model on a front page fashion magazine, all true friends will be thrilled to see it and all the rest will be envious of you.