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Frequently Asked Question regarding our Wedding Photography, videography and retouching services

For most of you your wedding will be the most important day in your life to date so choosing the right videographers, photographers, etc. will come with lots of questions. Below are some of the most common questions we got asked. However if you still have more questions then feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer them.

Album process - step by step

Our album workflow is smooth, interactive and online based. It's very easy and a huge time saver for both of us. All you need to do is to carefully read the instructions and watch the video. Simple!

Stage 1 - Design Preview:

  • - We pick the album photos and prepare the first (free of charge) layout for you.
  • - We send it to you for approval, using an online interactive proofing service, where you approve/disapprove page by page.
  • - Offline design service also available - £200p/h.
  • - Watch this 1-min. video instruction how to use the service

  • WATCH IT ONE MORE TIME! IMPORTANT! It saves time for both of us as you won't have to describe photos but pin & comment instead. You pin and comment photos, pages, spreads to be amended, deleted, replaced or added and we’ll see your comments exactly where you left them.
  • - IMPORTANT NOTE: Image file name is (find it in your online gallery under the photo, or take it from your computer file manager) not 1, 30, 55 ... etc. but FILENAME-01.jpg for example. Copy and paste (with or without .jpg). FILENAME-01.jpg and FILENAM-01.jpg  for example are different images from different cameras, so please copy and paste to avoid errors. If image names like 1, 2 ,4 .... (which is the visual representation in your online gallery) are sent instead, they will be ignored and you'll lose precious time to find their real names and resubmit again.
  • - We're very good in selecting of photos but as we can't be sure of your important image preference on 100%, and because majority  of our clients tend to add more photos/pages, your first preview will come with more pages than you have paid for in your package. So, you have the following options: 1/ comment the extra pages for deletion and pay nothing, 2/ approve the layout or amend it by adding or reducing extra pages and pay for the extra pages the amount of £22.5 per page.
  • - Rules to follow - 1/ one spread = 2 pages - left and right. If you commend the left page for deletion, we can't keep the right one only, so you have to let us know what to do with It. Choose other photos, merge with another page or delete the whole spread. 2/ No mixing of colour and BW on a single page/spread. 3/ The story telling rule is - one time story per page. Don't overlap few stories (different timelines) of the day on one page. 4/ There is no restrictions in volume of photos, but If you pick many extra photos (and your package album is 30x20cm), consider upgrading to a larger size album or you'll see thumbnails. Maximum 110 pages allowed but we don't advice more than 100 as the album becomes very heavy.
  • - Don't comment photos for retouching and edit at this stage. Only layout amendments.

Stage 2 - Design Approval:

  • - After your amendments (if any), we send you the edited layout for final design approval. If you still want to apply structural changes then it goes with extra charge of £100.

Stage 3 - Editing and Optimising for print:

  • - After the layout approval we start to optimise and edit the photos. Photos are not edited 1 by 1 but every spread is treated as a single photo.

Stage 4 - Final Approval:

  • - After retouching stage we send it to you for final approval. For cosmetic amendments you won't be charged, but if you decide to apply any layout changes a fee of £100 will be applied.

Stage 5 - Album Options:

  • - You pick your colour theme and choose cover, boxing options, materials, etc. Many of the options are already included in your collection, if not, you'll be advised for the extra cost. Nothing will be ordered without your approval in written. For some examples CLICK HERE

Stage 6 - Print & Delivery:

  • - We send the files to print company in Italy and wait for 1-2 months. Total of extra cost to be paid now.



Reading this you agree on album process terms & conditions.

Thank you!

Why should I order my album from you?
We offer literally hundreds of options for you album to fit budget, style, taste, color theme, materials, boxing, size, longevity, etc.

Our albums are designed by professional and experienced magazine designers who know how to make a proper story teller and relax the eye on the page. We follow strict design rules, avoid automatic software with no human control, no online presets and patterns as every story and every album is unique and different.

What albums do you offer?
Our albums fit any occasion:

  • Weddings
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Christening
  • Anniversary
  • Model/Actor/Singer etc. portfolio
  • Boudoir album
  • Pets
  • Newborns and family album
What is the main difference between your albums and your competitors?
2 differences:

- We are not one man band, and not letting the computers to do the human creative decisions. We work with experienced designers. Every page is designed, then retouched and then optimized to the specific print machine to make it look great. There is a huge difference between good and awesome albums.

- We choose the best providers, best paper and best longevity options for your album. The goal is for you to see the same colours and same quality after many years. Many of our competitors compete on price to take the job and for the non experienced eye the album may look the same, but after few years you'll start notice the pale colours and splitting the page corners.

When do we get the album?
About 2 months after approval and payment.
Do you have a price-list?
As we mentioned above, we offer hundreds of options for your album which makes the price go up or down. A number of variables will affect the price:

  • Vendor
  • Size
  • Paper type
  • Lamination and longevity options
  • Number of pages
  • Thickness of paper
  • Cover materials, cover prints, embossing, engraving, sides and backs
  • Boxing
  • Lining
  • Fonts used
  • Number of copies
  • Type and size of copies

We need your data and requirements and only them will be able to quote the final price.

How do you proof the albums and how do we approve it?
Our unique online proofing services will save you time and efforts. You can flip the pages as if it's a real life paper album. Then you pin the place on the page and comment under the pin like: remove my moms double chin, remove this photo or make it large, etc. I don't need to know who your mother is and you don't have to explain where the photo is located on the spread because we'll see exactly what you see on your screen. Easy!
Where are you located?

Our main office is based in London but we are willing to travel to different destinations as per the client's requirements.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are people who love each other and people who praise the magic of photography. Most of our weddings are destination.

Can you hold the date for me?

We can not hold a date for you without a signed agreement and deposit. A signed agreement and a deposit of 30% are required to reserve the date for you. Dates are filled on a first come-first served basis. So don't wait, as some prime dates are already booked 2 years in advance.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. If your venue requires insurance, please let us know within two weeks of the wedding so our insurance company has sufficient time to process and provide that document.

Why do you call your price list - investments?

Because when people decide to get married they are in an euphoric state and don't think very rationally. They should understand that their wedding photography is one of the most essential investments they make for their wedding day. On the day after everything is just a memory. The good wedding photographer keeps the memories forever and closes the circle of your investments. A very expensive wedding dress can be a bad investment if you have no memories about it or if you have mediocre quality photos.

When do you arrive on the wedding day?

Typically, we will arrive after the bride's hair has been done, and she is just starting to put on make up. I will begin photographing the wedding preparations at this time, as the bride has some make up foundation and a little colour on her face. Photos look much more flattering at that time, and it's a great way to begin the story of your day.

What is your approach?

We live for photography and invest our hearts and souls into our work. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with not only unique photos, but photos that capture true emotion, true love. These are the most important and most cherished moments of your life, and we're honored to share them with you. Each wedding is a unique event for us. We provide a customized, individualized service for each couple to ensure that the photos reflect the people, atmosphere and events of the day as you would like to remember them. When photographing a wedding,our goal is to create a beautiful record of your wedding day and to give you a lifetime of happy memories. Our approach is to tell your story from beginning to end, photographing the entire event so when you will see the photos it will make the wedding come alive. We work in an unobtrusive way, taking informal, natural portraits of you and your guests in order to capture the emotion and beauty of your wedding day.

What style do you shoot?

My personal style tends towards fashion, artistic and artistic photojournalism all mixed together, capturing those unique and inspiring moments that create the true impression of a wedding or event. I photograph the day as it happens, and your wedding is a direct reflection of your personality and love for one another. I capture the interaction between you, your family and your friends. Allowing my images to tell the story of your wedding day. All of my images capture the connection between my couples. When I shoot in a fashion and fine-art style, I try to direct only and avoid any posing. My associate in house photographers are mostly photojournalistic but they do really well in traditional style and portraits too.

How many photos do you take?

The right question is - "how many different photos will we have" as we don't chaise the numbers but the story telling quality. It depends on a number of factors and these include: the style of shooting (photo-reportage, traditional, fashion), the number of photographers, whether the wedding is big or small. Since we photograph digitally, we do not limit the number of photos we take during your wedding day. As each wedding is unique, we will photograph as much as we feel necessary to capture the great moments of your day. On average I give 1000-2000 photos minimum.

How does the online gallery work?

How do we view our wedding images? All of your photos are posted on a private online gallery. This gallery can be shared with friends and family across the globe. This unique service allows you the freedom to view your files in the comfort of your own home when ever you choose. The gallery has multi purposes, it is very handy not for sharing only but as a speedy proofer when we start designing the album. Having checkout function your guests can easily find themselves and order their downloads and prints, which can be on paper, canvas, frames, T-shirts, puzzles, etc.

How does the album design process work?

After the wedding we send you a layout preview in a very intuitive album gallery where you can click and comment on every photo or section on the spread. You can request adding and removing of photos, pages, spreads at this stage. After approval we proceed with retouching, skin smoothening, body shaping and all that magazine retouching techniques. After your final approval we optimise the layouts and send for print. In maximum two months the album will be delivered in our office in London.

Why do you shoot weddings?

Weddings make me feel challenged as a professional wedding photographer, highly motivated and inspired which triggers my wish to work and be creative. The wedding photography must be a passion for the professional photographer because it includes all styles of photography - portraiture, fashion, reportage, candid, commercial and fashion ... and requires the ability to change them quickly and be creative. People are also motivated to look good and they give their best. On weddings I don't shoot just bride and groom but princesses, celebrities etc. they turned to.

How much do you charge?

The short answer This is a very important question but we find it disrespectful if people ask for prices not knowing us and our photography. We have a short answer for that kind of cold call questions: not less than your wedding florist and in most of the cases not less than your wedding dress. When you wake up on the day after your wedding, the first dance will be a memory, the cake will be eaten and forgotten, the flowers are drying and soon they'll be disposed... Photos are the only thing that will live forever and keep the memories for your perfect wedding. If you love your partner and plan to get married once and forever in your life don't search for cheap wedding photographers!

Who can afford your services?

I work with a number of trained in house associates so, don't worry. If you can't afford my services we'll find you the best photographer for you.

Why your wedding photography prices are not online?

How much is always the first question for majority of deal seeker brides with Groupon attitude, and we haven't displayed our prices online on purpose because 90% of the people don't know what they need and compare apples to oranges. We don't blame you because this is your first wedding and God bless to be the only one. It's normal to having a lack of experience in choosing wedding photographer, that's why we prefer to meet with you, to give you more information, to educate you and you'll be ready to pick the right photographer for your wedding. If we can't meet, we can always arrange a Skype, Facebook or Google+ video conversation. Why this is so important? - Because you don't buy a tangible product yet. You invest in a future product that you haven't seen and don't know what it will look like. What you buy is photographers time, trust, skills, experience and reputation. You'll make a big mistake if you compare price lists and skip those things. We hear that every week: "I wish you have been our wedding photographer ... why we haven't known you earlier ..." we calculated about 90% dissatisfaction feedback from wedding photographers, but the statistic is even worst, it shows that the professional wedding photographers out there (including internet) are only 4% and the couples satisfaction is about 10% only. Isn't it strange that on every website you see "the best wedding photographer", how can everyone be "the best wedding photographer" and the outcome to be 10% satisfaction? Now you think, if everybody is "the best" I'll chose the cheapest one, let's go shopping for prices. WRONG!!! The best you can do is get in touch and let's organize a free meeting with you. You'll understand all the prices and options, you'll know where your money go and much more, you'll be an educated bride and groom. And of course you're not forced to book us if you don't like what you're offered.

Do you offer pre wedding or post wedding photo shoots?

We love shooting pre wedding engagement shoots, they are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and a perfect opportunity to get to know each other. Most couples also use their images for invitations, signing albums and more. We can discuss this when we speak. Keep in mind all our pre wedding or post wedding shoots are Monday to Friday as we shoot weddings at the weekends.

How do we book you?

Easy. After agreeing your collection, we need your postal address for the paperwork, plus a transferred deposit.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Approximately 60% of our work is destination weddings. We have shoot weddings throughout the UK, Barcelona, Moscow, St Petersburg, Athens, etc.

Do we have to cover your expenses for our destination wedding?

In most cases, yes. We have friends in many cities and if possible we'll try to shorten your accommodation expenses. Expenses include flight, transfer and accommodation.

What differs you from other wedding photographers?

The term wedding photographer is wrong and we believe that wedding photographers who've never done studio shoots, portraits, fashion, etc. are just clickers. The internet is full with them. I can be classified more as a fashion photographer (comming from that background) or a photo journalist who shoots weddings in more fashion or photo journalistic way, but this is wrong too because on a wedding day I'm a portraitist and commercial photographer too, etc. The goal of Peter Lane Photography is to offer a boutique style wedding photography products and services. That's why I always use the help of photo assistants and/or second photographer, we retouch all of the photo album photos, we use only the high-end photo album brands and the most modern photo equipment. All that in favour of the client.

Why is important to meet the couple before the wedding?

Speaking with the couple before their special day helps clarifying their specific requirements about the photography aspect of their wedding. Some of our couples receive Engagement or Love Story photo session in their collection. It can be staged or spontaneous. The Engagement photo session is spontaneous and casual, while the Love Story requires a scenario and time for preparation. On that photo sessions we become friends and getting to know each other better and know what we want and the quickest way to achieve it. I'm getting to know how normal is your normal and how crazy is your craziness. It's not good to get to know all that on the Big Day. On that photo walk I'm teaching the couple and mostly the bride how to became a friend with the light and how to pose for good and to make it naturally. You're receiving my Bridal posing workshop for free together with lots of beautiful photos and your trust and confidence for the wedding day.

Do we need a second photographer?

I recommend you to have a second photographer especially if your wedding has more than 150 guests! If you wish to have a second photographer present at your wedding, that can be arranged. The cost range you can see in the price list or if you choose all other collections except the first one, you get it for free. The benefit of having a second photographer is that you will have two sets of eyes (and hands) two different creative minds working together to capture your wedding from every possible angle. This is must have option if you want you wedding album to be a story teller. Just imagine the following moment: You're before the priest full of emotions, first kiss, the rings ... tears in your eyes, laughter ... all that happens for a fraction of a second. My second photographer is not just an extra photographer for more images. He is trained to praise the moment and knows what to shoot and what equipment to use. I crop your faces and shoot your emotions, tears of joy, laughter, etc. and blur everything else making you to pop up. Nice image but doesn't tell the story. My second photographer captures the whole scene together with the sleeping grand father, crying mother in low, everybody watching you, etc. We go very quick behind you and I get a photo of the priest between and behind you and blur all the rest, but my second shooter shoots the whole church, synagogue, etc. with its whole beauty and captures the beauty of the wedding dress too. Later on you see all that 4 images on a spread in the album and that spread tells the complete story of the moment.

Are there any - hidden - costs in your wedding collections?

I hate it when I'm buying something and the deal keeps changing that's why the answer is - Absolutely not! Everything is in the collection list and the agreement. I quote you one price for my services. Travel, lodging and (special work) visa expense are charged additionally as well as some extra services you may want.

When will I receive my photos?

The photos could be ready about 2 days after the wedding in the best case scenario and uploaded in your password secured gallery. Sometimes it might take up to a week in very rare occasions. This depends on the collection you choose, the number of photos and how busy we are.

Are the brides from your After Glow Gallery professional models?

They look awesome! No. None of them. Throughout a shooting, I direct my clients and give them posing tips so that each bride looks glamorous. Recently I started 1 on 1 and group workshops, teaching the brides how to pose and act in order to get stunning images. Feel free to contact me and arrange one.

Do you need to see the venue before the wedding day?

It's good but not necessarily for most of the events as we need to keep our vision and fingers sharp and avoid patterns.

Does the price of the service include albums?

Yes, the 3 main collections does. The exception is the Digital - Standard, any Custom collection, and the "A-La-Carte" one, as if a client chooses this particular collection they can have their album(s) done by a vendor of their own choice and/or order it later.

What is the quality of the photo albums in your base collections?

The photo albums included in all base collections are provided by Graphi Studio books. They come with thick continuous pages and unbeatable quality. Did I say unbeatable? You can understand that after years, but for now you can just trust me. I've seen many brides crying of joy when holding them in their hands for the first time, and I would love to be the one who gives you your family book.

How can we meet to discuss our wedding?

If your wedding is UK based we can either talk on the phone first or have a Skype video call, or Viber, Facebook, WhatsUp video to introduce ourselves, or it would be great to meet in person for a coffee. Whatever works best for you. If you are abroad, we can email, phone call or Skype.

What is the best way of discussing our wedding plans with you?

Most people have their questions answered by email or over a Skype video. Due to a high volume of enquiries and as we travel a lot, we're not always physically available for a face-to-face meeting, but not to worry, we can talk until we can meet.

Can I make my own prints?

Yes, you will own "Home Use Rights" to your images which means that you can do pretty much anything you want with them as long as it doesn't generate any income for yourself or the people you give them to. But I have something better for you. You can order the prints sitting on your chair and they'll be delivered for you. Just log into your web gallery and chose the desired photo, size and quantity. Your relatives and friends can do it as well.

Payment methods?

Bank Transfer, Cash.

Why is good photography so expensive?

Well, the part of the wedding photography you actually see is only the tip of the iceberg for the whole job. It may sound like a lot of money you are paying for a relatively small job but you don't see the days of time spent on the computer colour correcting and tuning your images, retouching and designing your album, the education time and expenses, the time spent traveling, the time and expenses spent for marketing and creating websites, blogs and social media so we can be able to reach you, the constant flow of client emails and phone calls to answer, and the hours spent planning and reserving travel arrangements for flights, hotels and cars, time spent for learning new camera techniques or new computer software, etc. The cheap or part time photographers don't devote that much, don't buy expensive equipment, don't upgrade, etc. and they're happy to provide mediocre work. We don't target numbers of brides, we serve about 20 couples a year and we spoil them with awesome imagery.

What is Trash the Stress or After Glow?

This is one of my favorite types of photo sessions similar to the American Trash the Dress. This type of photography is done the day after the wedding but it is the bride's choice whether to have such shooting or not. If the wedding dress is relatively clean (from wine drops, other's shoes or cake for example) the bride can choose a location where to have some glamour and fashion images, either alone or with the groom. There is some articles about it in my blog.

Can we order an album after the wedding?

Absolutely. Only keep in mind that a-la-carte album prices are higher.

Who owns the sources?

The source photo becomes property of the photographer from the moment of its creation if there is no specific agreement that states otherwise.

How much cost your photo sessions?

Different photo sessions require different equipment and incur different expenses. Once you give me the specific details I will be able to give you a quote. There is a base price list on my blog which doesn't cover the wedding collections.

Will you travel to my house for a shoot?

Yes. Many of my photo shoots are at private properties and different non-studio locations.

How long takes a photo session?

This depends on the client's requirements. It can last from 20 minutes to a whole day.

What do I have to bring with myself in a studio photo session?

First obligatory thing - good attitude! And of course anything you might find relevant to the particular photo session. This could be a CD with your favourite music, different clothes for different images, gloves, hats, scarves, jewellery...

How can I be better prepared for a bridal boudoir or a portrait photo session?

Spend some time with fashion, glamour magazines for inspiration (depends of your type of photo session). Take a look at how hands and fingers are positioned, the curves the body forms, the way the models look at, poses of course. Try them at least 5-10 in front of the mirror. Try to memorize them because under stress and the flashing lights the chance to forget them is not small. That will help photographer to pay more attention on lights and creativity then sculpting your body piece by piece.

Can I have a drink before the session in order to get relaxed?

I don't recommend it! An alcoholic drink is not a factor that contributes for a good photo session. The secret is to be yourself.

Do you retouch your photos?

Yes, I do if the client needs those for print and web. There are different retouching methods and you might want to visit the retouching section of this website for more information. I do basic enhancements of all images of the photo session and these include colour correction, white balance, cropping. I also do custom wedding and other design for photo books and photo albums.

How much do your charge for your retouching services?

If you book some of the basic wedding collections, the album photo retouching comes for free. For individual photos take a look at the Before & After gallery and the text associated with it.

Do you cover weddings outside of London?

Yes. We cover the whole island and abroad. We do however have to add on a charge to cover petrol and on rare occasions accommodation costs however we try to keep these costs to a minimum by only charging the cost of the petrol and daily bread.

Do you film weddings only?

No. We film any kind of special events including Bar Mitzvah, Christenings, Anniversaries, etc. but we film for commercial projects, advertisements, social media short films, conferences and corporate events too.

Do you film Destination Weddings?

Definitely! Most of the time. The collection costs stay the same, all we ask is for you to cover our flight and accommodation costs.

Do you film Indian Weddings, Greek Weddings, Jewish Weddings, etc.?

Yes we do! We have extensive experience in filming Asian, Greek and Jewish weddings. We have covered Sikh weddings, Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings and Gujarati weddings. We don't have set prices as each wedding can vary greatly on number of days, camera men, locations etc. Please contact us with your full requirements for an accurate quote.

Do you cover any other type of multicultural weddings?

We love Greek weddings, Assyrian, Persian, Chinese, Turkish and Russian weddings. We are happy to cover any type of wedding!

Why are your prices higher than other wedding video companies we see online?

We are by no means the cheapest wedding video company out there, and not most expensive either, but we do offer great value for money for the level of experience and equipment we use along with the editing skill we offer. In-fact we are actually one of the more affordable wedding video companies at this level. We cater for the higher end of the market and for a similar end product our main competitors charge upwards of £3,000. We bring over £25,000 worth of equipment with us on the day and spend around 2 weeks editing your wedding movie. Our clients are looking for a film of their wedding and not just to have it recorded. If you are just looking for basic coverage, then we can recommend someone to fit, however if you want a beautiful cinematic movie made of your wedding day then we offer what your are looking for.

Your packages don't fit the coverage we are looking for can we have a package made to our personnel requirements?

We are more than happy to look at creating a custom package and price for you. However we do have a minimum booking price for our packages so if you didn't want the preps filmed but wanted coverage up to the 1st dance then their would be no discount off the package price. If you require more hours coverage and for us to finish later then we can work out a cost for this.

Do you offer Photography?

Yes, we're very proud with our photography and fastest delivery in UK. If you need a photo & video bundle you can have the best of both worlds on a discounted price.

How does the relationship between the photographer and videographer work?

If you book our photography & video wedding bundle you'll benefit with same key final product. Please take a look at our photography portfolio. Speaking about the cats and dogs synergy as they characterize photographers and videographers, well, we believe that photography is always more important as it captures the moment and we try to show respect to our colleagues but same time to do the job in the best way possible. The reason we are there is to capture your wedding the best we can and that will only happen if the photographer and videographer work together with this aim in mind.

What equipment do you use?

We shoot our weddings using professional cinematic mirrorless cameras together with professional videography cameras, and drone cameras. To be specific, mostly Sony A7S II, Sony FS5, Canon C300 II and always update to the newest gear on the market. We use lav mics and shotgun mics for audio. We also have a range of camera support systems so we can get those extra special shots such as a long jib, electronic glide-track, steady cam, ladder dolly. We bring all of our equipment with us to each wedding and will use them where ever possible. Its this equipment to captures the wow factor shots.

We are getting married in peak season. We are interested in the 'Highlights Only' package is there no way we can book this?

We will do the highlights only package if you are getting married mid-week in peak season (Mon - Thurs). The only exception to this would be if it was a last minute booking and we were available that weekend ie you inquire 3 weeks before your wedding date and we were not already booked. In this case we would take on the booking.

How do we book?

Once you have confirmed you want to book we'll need your postal address for the paperwork. After signing the agreement and sending our copy to us along with a deposit of 1/3rd of the agreed amount, we'll consider the day locked to you.

When do we meet?

It's usually best to have our pre-wedding meeting 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding, the closer the better really as its nice to keep the rapport we build up from the meeting and take that into the wedding so you feel more at ease. We always try to arrange a face to face meeting where ever possible but sometimes due to logistics this may not be possible. In this instance we can have the next best thing...a Skype chat. If your not comfortable with chatting over the net we can always have the meeting via telephone. The main aim is to get to know each other and to obtain all the info I need so I'm fully prepared for the big day.

When is the final balance due?

3 Weeks prior to the wedding date.

How long does the video take to complete?

To create a film to the standard we produce takes time so we set the completion date at 4 months from the wedding date. It doesn't take 4 months of actual editing however, as we film a lot of weddings in a 5 month period and with each edit taking up to 2 weeks of work we quickly build up a backlog. We don't rush our edits, we spend the time carefully crafting your wedding film to ensure we create the best wedding video possible. Your video is to last you forever and we want it be something you will always want to watch and be proud to show your friends and family, we edit with this in mind. It does require patience on your part but I can assure you its worth the wait!

Can we make changes?

You can make changes within reason. You have seen our work and you like our style so have an idea of what we will produce. However we want it to be perfect for you and there maybe a shot you want taking out or adding in etc. so we are more than happy to do this to ensure its just right for you.

Can we choose our own music for the movie?

Of course! It's your film so if you have a favourite track then we will definitely use it. However we will also choose some music tracks that we think will fit the movie. Often this might be instrumental music we have heard on a recent film we have watched or from our collection. The aim is to make a film not a pop video so to fit our style some tracks wont work, but we can discuss what music your happy with prior to editing.

How long do you keep a copy of our wedding footage?

Once the video is signed off and you have received your final copies we will keep the raw footage for 2 months after which time it will be deleted. We will however keep copies of your final discs in case you wish to order more copies in the future. If you would like your raw footage this can be purchased from us for £400.

Not answered your question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have.

Wedding photography Workshop

Wedding photography workshop

Wedding Photography Workshop

How to become successful wedding photographer in 21 century?

How to shoot beautiful wedding photos and how to run your business successfully? How to differentiate from the thousands wedding photographers and clickers out there? How to friend with light and your client? In Peter Lane Photography we've developed workflow and technics that work. We've been thru and tested many not working models and what you are going to get is only proven professional knowledge.

The wedding photography workshop covers?

  • Knowing your gear
  • The manual, your best friend
  • Jpg vs RAW
  • Nikon vs Canon vs Sony, etc.?!?
  • Modes of shooting
  • Focusing
  • Exposure
  • Shooting with flash
  • On camera and off camera
  • Shooting with video light
  • The right lenses for the right time of the wedding day
  • Posing, directing or just PJ
  • How to sell
  • The wedding album
  • How to negotiate
  • Branding and marketing
  • The wedding agreement
  • Shooting with flash
  • Shooting with video light
  • Analysing
  • Time for your questions

£599 - a compressed full day workshop which will load you with tons of practical wedding photography know-how - at least 10 people required. Apply for individual customised tutorial.

£299 - Individual 1 to 1 compressed teaching online by Skype video, up to 4 hours. Please send your question in advance.

Wedding videography workshop

wedding videography workshop london

Wedding videography workshop

How to become successful wedding videographer and filmmaker in 21 century?

How to film beautiful cinematic wedding videos and how to run your business successfully? How to differentiate from the thousands wedding videographers out there? How to become a friend of camera and friend of your client? In Peter Lane Creative Studio we've developed workflow and technics that work. We've been thru and tested many not working models and what you are going to get is only proven professional knowledge and experience.

The wedding videography workshop covers:

  • Buying the right tools
  • Knowing your gear
  • The manual, your best friend
  • Pre Wedding meeting and planning
  • Your style
  • Ways to film and edit
  • Basics of filming
  • Focusing
  • Exposure and ND filters
  • Filming with or without lights
  • On camera and off camera lights
  • The right lenses for the right time of the wedding day
  • Directing or just PJ
  • How to edit
  • How to sell
  • Branding and marketing
  • The wedding agreement
  • Time for your questions

£599 - a compressed full day workshop which will load you with tons of practical wedding photography know-how - at least 10 people required.

£699 - individual customised tutorial.

£299 - Individual 1 to 1 compressed teaching online by Skype video, up to 4 hours. Please send your question in advance.

The Big Wedding Bundle - A to Z Wedding photography & videography workshop

wedding photography & videography workshop

The Big Wedding Bundle - A to Z Wedding photography & videography workshop

Please take a look at the wedding photography workshop and wedding videography workshop for more details.

This Big Bundle creative wedding photography & videography workshop is designed for those of you interested to succeed in both creative fields photography and videography. The workshop will give you tons of knowledge, know-how, and the most important - our experience. We've gone through many mistakes, fake advices, trial and errors and pseudo knowledge to filter down only the things that work. The workshop will save you precious time and money, and focus on your skills and profit.

Take the shortcut, get the tested knowledge and start making money with your wedding photography & videography business.

£1499 - 2 or 3 days

Creative lighting photography workshop - Flash and Video lighting

creative lighting photography workshop london

Creative lighting photography workshop - Flash and Video lighting

Ideal for entry level wedding photographers and not only. This workshop will teach you how you can wear your “photo studio” in your camera bag and create amazing photos. You’ll be amazed how versatile can be a Nikon, Canon, etc.  flash together with a video or torch light.

You’ll see their advantages and limitations and be prepared for awesome photos. Most of our creative photos on this website are created by flash or video lights. Huge booster to your creative portfolio.

What’s included?

  • Advantages and limitations
  • camera set up
  • Lights set up
  • Using radio poppers
  • nailing the exposure
  • Lighting set ups
  • Solving real life strobist problems
  • Using video light
  • Advantages and limitations
  • Useful tips
  • Shooting
  • Time for your question

£399 up to 3 hours workshop - at least 10 people required.

£499 - individual session.

Studio lighting Workshop - The basics

Studio lighting workshop masterclass London

Studio lighting Workshop - The basics of Studio Lighting Photography Masterclass

This workshop gives you the basic knowledge of Studio lighting and studio lighting  know-how. No boring terminology and no boring theory. Get the experience from experienced professional photographer and get ready to start shooting. Photography studio lighting will not only teach you the studio lighting basics but it will give you a huge creative knowledge to be implemented into wedding photography, children photography, etc.

What’s included?

  • Getting to know the equipment
  • Modifiers, reflectors and supporting gear
  • Hard light vs. Soft light
  • Distance and inverse square law
  • Who is in charge?
  • Sync speed
  • Limitations
  • Patterns of lighting - portraiture basics
  • Broad light and short light
  • Rim light and kick light
  • Time for your questions

£399 - at least 5 people required.

£499 - individual half day session

Online by Skype 1 on 1 £149 per started hour - prepare your questions and send in advance.

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

Portrait Photography Workshop - Posing and Lighting - The basics

portrait photography workshop london

Portrait Photography Workshop - Posing and Lighting - The basics

Portrait Photography is the direct inheritor of the classic painting and as a such portraiture is a photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. This workshop / tutorial will give you the ABC of the portraiture lighting and posing and put your feet on a sturdy base for creative portraits.

The tutorial / workshop covers:

  • The right photo equipment for portrait photography
  • Lenses and choices of light
  • Hard light vs. Soft light
  • Patterns of lighting - portraiture basics
  • Broad light and short light
  • Rim light, kick light and hair light
  • Time for your questions
  • Poses for man and women
  • Portraiture posing elements
  • Posing inspiration
  • The big no-nos
  • Personality

£299 up to 3 hours workshop - at least 5 people required.

£399 - individual session.

1 on 1 £149 per started hour - prepare your questions and send in advance.

Night photography Workshop in Central London

night photography workshop london

Night photography Workshop in Central London

London is a unique place for night photography and one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Night photography attracts many photographers due to its rich colour and unveiled reflection of night lights. However the techniques required are quite high and challenging.

So, is it Night photography in Central London “shooting in the dark”? Not at all. Photography is about painting with light doesn’t matter how intensive or challenging it is.

On this course you’ll discover what techniques could be used to make electric shots full of atmosphere, life and colour.

From May to September Night photography in Central London Workshops last approximately from 7.45pm - 10.45pm in up to 20 people groups.

That tutorial / workshop requires some basic knowledge of photography. DSLR gives more options but any other camera is able to take great shots.

You must have a tripod or once it gets dark all your photos are likely to be blurry. (if you don’t have a tripod, Google hire tripods in London). It’s important for you to  know how to change the Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO, plus how to turn your flash off and how to set your timer and how to change focus points.

Night photography is not a topic for amateur photographers only. Interested in a team building ideas while visiting London? Nigh photography in London will boos up your team overall creativity, experience and social share.

We will cover:

  • exposure, right or wrong exposure.
  • The best time for night shots
  • Rim lights and reflections
  • Silhouettes
  • Light trails
  • Using flash
  • Shooting people with flash and available light

£69 for a group 4 hours workshop - at least 10 people required, and £299 for 1 on 1 - up to 3 hours.

Posing for Brides Workshop - Getting ready for Great shots

posing for brides photography workshop

Posing for Brides Photography Workshop

This is the newest and most demanding workshop now.

Target audience is wedding photographers and brides to be.

If you’re getting married soon I’m sure that you’ve been on many wedding photographer’s web sites, you’ve seen many photos and you want to look better than any bride in the world.

We started this tutorial/workshop because of 2 reasons:

  • We’ve seen lots of beautiful brides on bad photos and some not so beautiful brides that look like models after proper lighting and posing. Many photographers are just clickers now and this is the truth (if you see ... only for £400, 500, 600, etc. you 100% risk your wedding memories), fired office workers with nice new cameras or just relatives with good wishes and no experience and knowledge... If you are REALLY in a budget and want to risk your wedding with a cheap  photographer bear in mind that you can’t blame them for the photos afterwords and you can't reorganise and reshoot it properly, but the only thing you can do is to learn to pose and behave in a natural and fashion way.
  • Our fashion and beauty experience has taught us what to show and what to hide based on your body and bone structure, how to squeeze the pose for better look, and we would like to share my knowledge with you.

The tutorial/workshop covers:

  •  how to prepare the light in the room and what is the best spot? Never thought about it? That's why you're here now.
  •  how to attract the right light?
  •  how to deal with the photographers if they seem doesn’t know what to do or over stressed?
  •  do I need to teach my photographer? Yes, for 90% of the wedding photographers out there. Why and how?
  •  how to pose like a model and still look natural?
  •  which parts of the body make the beautiful portrait, or ruin it?
  •  how to pose if I’m over weight, with big arms, with skully face, round face, too long nose, my boy is too tall, etc.?
  •  how to pose in a group and family portraits and how to help your family to look good too (especially important for non English speaking parents)?
  •  how to pose for bride and groom portraits?
  •  how to teach the groom to look good too?
  •  who is more important?
  •  how to kiss my honey? Peter isn’t it a stupid question?
  •  posing for the groom only
  •  and much more

Prepare your questions and let’s arange 1 on 1 or sign up for the upcoming workshop.

We teach our couples all that in the Engagement or Love Story photo session that comes with my wedding collections. They are so excited of the end result and this is what we all need.

£99 for a group 1-2 hours workshop at least 10 people required and you take all you photos taken.

£199 per 1 on 1 online per hour.

Book Peter Lane Photography wedding services and take the Engagement / Love story photosession free of charge.

Basic Photoshop Retouching Workshop

photo retouching basics workshop

Basic Photoshop Retouching Workshop

The Basic Photoshop Retouching workshop is the first step to the advanced beauty retouching. It’s designed for beginners and you’ll get the basics necessary to edit professionally yours or somebody elses images. It’s so much fun and all you need is to start it now. You won't get any unnecessary knowledge, what you're going to learn is practical and proven techniques.

What’s included?

  • Colour correction and white balance
  • Making selections
  • Masks
  • Remove and simplify
  • Changing colours
  • Red eye fix
  • LAB basics for stunning photos
  • Custom black and white
  • Turning old photos back to life
  • and much more

£199 - at least 5 people required - up to 3 hours.

£299 - individual session.

Online 1 on 1 £149 up to 2 hours - prepare your questions and send in advance.

Creative & Beauty Retouching Workshop - Advanced techniques

beauty retouching workshop

Creative & Beauty Retouching Workshop - Advanced techniques

After completion of Creative & Beauty Retouching workshop and some hours of practice you’ll be ready to work as a professional retoucher for some photographer’s studio, free-lance photographers or magazines. We’ll retouch real life examples and troubleshoot real retouching problems. Learning from experienced retouchers will boost your creativity and make you capable to solve the everyday retoucher's challenges.

This workshop has been designed for advances user who know the basics of photo retouching. For more info visit Basic Photoshop Retouching workshop.

What’s included?

  • Skin Retouching
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Fashion Retouching
  • Compositing
  • Colour Correction
  • Special Effects
  • Body shaping
  • Digital liposuction
  • Digital surgery
  • Dream edit
  • Individual Black & White
  • and more

£299 - at least 5 people required - up to 4 hours.

£399 - individual session up to 3h.

Online 1 on 1 £149 per started hour - prepare your questions and send in advance.

Bridal boudoir workshop - lighting and posing

bridal boudoir workshop

Bridal boudoir workshop - lighting and posing

Bridal boudoir photography together with Trash the Dress is the big trend in the world wedding photography last 10 years. The blend of sensuality, beauty, play of light and moods all that together captures men and women since the beginning of the photography as an art.

Bridal photography workshops has been designed for entry-level wedding photographers but it fits well to amateurs and photographers who want to implement the knowledge to the basic boudoir or burlesque photography.

The tutorial / workshop covers:

  • flash lighting
  • Video lighting
  • Available light lighting
  • How erotic is a bridal boudoir picture?
  • What’s the purpose of that photos and why this is such a trendy?
  • The right location.
  • How important is the preparation?
  • What poses to avoid?
  • Types of lighting and desired moods.
  • And much more

£399 up to 3 hours workshop - at least 10 people required.

£499  - individual session.

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

DSLR photography Workshop - Photo Walk in London

This tutorial / workshop will give you the basics of the DSLR photography. After the workshop you’ll never use Auto mode anymore. You will get the basics for your creative DSLR digital photography and you will learn:

  •  How to freeze or blur motion
  •  How to blur the background
  •  How to compose good photos and how to take better pictures
  •  Effect of different lenses and focal lengths

Keep in mind, the workshop Is designed for Nikon users but the knowledge is general and applies for all camera brands. Buttons and menus on your camera may differ.

What’s included?

  • Boring theory and buttons overview
  • Shooting modes
  • Shooting manual for more creativity
  • White balance patterns and troubleshooting
  • ISO
  • Speed and speed limitations
  • F-stop, light intensity, dept of field and bokeh
  • Exposure
  • Exposure metering
  • Focusing
  • Time for your questions

£99 up to 3 hours workshop - at least 10 people required. Online 1 on 1 £149 per started hour - prepare your questions in advance.

Nude / Erotic photography Workshop - lighting and posing

This is the workshop that nobody will teach you at school and university. Classic nude black and white, and glamour photography require set of techniques and attitude that you won’t find in the study book. You’ll receive the know how from a professional photographer with more than 2000 glamour/erotic/nude photo sessions all around the world.

What’s included?

  • The right equipment
  • Modifiers, reflectors and supporting gear
  • Hard light vs. Soft light
  • Who is in charge - the psychology part of the deal?
  • Sync speed
  • Is there Limitations for creativity?
  • Classic nude lighting
  • Glamour lighting and posing
  • Time for your questions

£399 up to 4 hours workshop - at least 10 people required. Send your questions in advance.

Why retouch is needed?

Why make-up is needed? Manicure, pedicure, lifting, liposuction, plastic surgery ...? The short answer is: beauty and perfection.

Who can use your services?

It doesn't matter for me who your are, an agency, pro photographer or a private client. I work with different clients from all over the world.

How can I send photos for retouching?

Easy! Dropbox, Google drive, or any other convenient service out there. Just be advised, check your upload settings because some services compress the jpgs, or the safest way is to compress all photos and then upload.

How much do your charge for your services?

All prices you can see in the Beauty Retouching page - prices.

Do you retouch amateur photos?

Depends on the file resolution and quality.

What image format do you support?

RAW, TIFF and hi-res JPG. If the image (RAW or TIFF) is not for a big print you can convert it into JPEG with highest quality level.

Do you design wedding and other albums?

Yes we do. Contact us and explain what kind and size album or book you need and we'll send you back prices and suggestions. After approval and receiving 50% deposit we'll start designing. The layouts are sent to print after full payment.

What does - price is per person/object - mean?

Your photo may contain only one person (portrait) or several persons (family portrait etc.) If I need to retouch more than one person, the price will be multiplied by the number of persons on the photo.

What if I don't like the retouched image?

You can see the retouched image (watermarked). If you don't like it please advise what else has to be done.

I want to receive two different images/looks from one photo, how do I do this?

The common rule is "one source - one final image". If you want to use the same photo for different purposes and different looks, you will need to upload your photo twice and place two separate orders.

Payment methods?

Bank transfer, in rare cases Paypal, and cash in advance.

Do you have discounts for return clients and bundle orders?

Sure we do.