Greek wedding Cinematic videography by Peter Lane Creative Studio

As you know photographers and videographers are cats and dog, everyone fights for the best shot, vantage point, etc. We solve the problem by organizing everything in-house, so you’ll get same style photography and video. We know how to compliment each other and we deliver more than you can expect. Please take a look at our dedicate videography page for more videos, info and pricing.

An amazing Colombian – Greek wedding at Le Meridian,London

An amazing traditional Cypriot Greek wedding at The Regency Banqueting Suite,London

An amazing traditional Cypriot Greek wedding at The Regency Banqueting Suite,London

A wedding scale traditional Greek Orthodox Christening at St Sophia Church and Corinthia Hotel,London

Your Big Fat Greek Wedding Photographer & Videographer in London

Hello, my name is Peter Lane and I’ve been tagged by many in North London as “The Greek Wedding Photographer”. Being based in Palmers Green or Palmers Greek as locals use to joke is the reason to be surrounded by many Greek friends, having their love, trust and recommendations. The aftermath shows more than 50% of our weddings to be Greek or traditional Cypriot Orthodox Greek. Do I like the Greek weddings? No! I love them!

No matter how big or small, how posh or simple your wedding is, I can promise you one thing – we’ll make it look glorious! Your album won’t be the conveyer type you’ve seen everywhere, you won’t be put in all the same cheese poses, no patterns and look-a-likes. We’ll extract the essence of the day and the best of you, then it will be multiplied and glorified so you’ll have that fashion look and a feeling of a living memento. Your album will be edited by experienced and educated designer, retouched by experienced professional retoucher and bind & assembled craftily hand made by the best in the world album masters. Only the highest quality paper, ink and materials will be used, providing the highest album longevity on the market. Your grand children will see exactly what you see now.

We don’t charge for extra time our Greek Wedding couples because we understand and respect your expenses, usually double and triple than majority of the traditional English weddings. Your day will be covered from the grooms house up to the last song.

We are excited to hear your story! Excited to meet you and discuss in details.

For those of you who’ll get married to a Greek bride or groom, let me share a bit of the Greek Wedding traditions: explained by North London Greek wedding photographer Peter Lane.

“Shaving of the groom”

The groom is dressed by his koumbaro and witnessed by family and friends. He is also shaved by the koumbaro which is known as the “last shave”. The koumbaro then proceeds to putting the grooms shirt, waistcoat and cravat on all done whilst the violin and singer play and sing music to praise the groom before his departure from his home.

“Sugar Almonds and red ribbon”

The sugar coated almonds which are placed on the tray with the crowns and which will later be offered to the guests are also symbolic. The white symbolises purity, the egg shape represents fertility and the new life which begins with marriage. The hardness of the almond represents the endurance of marriage and the sweetness of the sugar symbolises the sweetness of future life. The odd number of almonds is indivisible, just as a couple the bride and groom shall remain undivided. After the ceremony the almonds and ribbon are shared amongst the single women who apparently if the ribbon is placed under their pillow that night they will see in their dreams the man they will marry.

The first dance

This dance is performed half way through the night by the newly- weds to honour their guests. It is also a chance for their guests whilst the couple is dancing to pin money on them as a gift.

“Tossing of the bouquet and garter”

This tradition has been passed on from other cultures. At the end of the evening all single girls gather on the dance floor and the bride at a fair distance from them with her back turned to them throws her bouquet in the air at random. The girl who caches the bouquet is the next to be married. Similarly the groom ‘crawl’ under the brides skirt and detached the garter from the bride’s leg with his teeth. Once his has successfully got it between his teeth all the single men gather at a distance from the groom and with his back turned to them he throws the garter at random. The man who catches it is the next one to be married.

“Brides Shoes”

Before the bride puts on her shoes she lists all her single friend’s names under her shoe. At the end of the night she takes it off and the name which still appears on the shoe is the girl who will be married next!

“Red scarf”

Many people are not aware what the red scarf we tie around the bride and groom before they set off to church symbolises. Well for the woman it signifies her virginity and for the man his fertility. It is wrapped around the bride and groom three times by their parents and close family and friends.

Our main office is based in Palmers Green North London but we are willing to travel to different destinations/countries as per the client’s requirements.
Yes we do, we have high demand on cinematic videography for Greek weddings. Our videographers are familiar with the traditions and know how to compliment the photographers and work in a team. We deliver more than you expect and we’ll be happy to discuss your plans.
Our clients are people who love each other and people who praise the magic of photography. Most of our weddings are destination.
We can not hold a date for you without a signed agreement and deposit as majority of our clients book their weddings 2 years in advance. A signed agreement and a deposit of 30% are required to reserve the date for you. Dates are filled on a first come-first served basis. So don’t wait, as some prime dates are already booked 2 years in advance.
Yes. If your venue requires insurance, please let us know within two weeks of the wedding so our insurance company has sufficient time to process and provide that document.

The right question is – Can I make my own prints? Yes, you will own “Home Use Rights” to your images which means that you can do pretty much anything you want with them as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you give them to. But I have something better for you. You can order the prints sitting on your chair and they’ll be delivered to you. Just log into your web gallery and chose the desired photo, size and quantity. Your relatives and friends can do it as well.
Because when people decide to get married they are in an euphoric state and don’t think very rationally. They should understand that their wedding photography & cinematography video are one of the most essential investments they make for their wedding day. On the day after everything is just a memory. The good wedding photographer & cinematographer keep the memories forever and close the circle of all your investments. A very expensive wedding dress can be a bad investment if you have no memories about it or if you have mediocre quality photos, right?
Typically, we will arrive in the groom’s house first and strait after the group family shots we leave to the bride’s house, where we should have enough time to shoot all the details together with her preps documentary. Logistic planning for Greek weddings is very very important!
We live for photography and invest our hearts and souls into our work. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with not only unique photos, but photos that capture true emotion, true love. These are the most important and most cherished moments of your life, and we’re honored to share them with you. Each wedding is a unique event for us. We provide a customized, individualized service for each couple to ensure that the photos reflect the people, atmosphere and events of the day as you would like to remember them. When photographing a wedding,our goal is to create a beautiful record of your wedding day and to give you a lifetime of happy memories. Our approach is to tell your story from beginning to end, photographing the entire event so when you will see the photos it will make the wedding come alive. We work in an unobtrusive way, taking informal, natural portraits of you and your guests in order to capture the emotion and beauty of your wedding day.
My personal style tends towards fashion, artistic and artistic photojournalism all mixed together, capturing those unique and inspiring moments that create the true impression of a wedding or event. I photograph the day as it happens, and your wedding is a direct reflection of your personality and love for one another. I capture the interaction between you, your family and your friends. Allowing my images to tell the story of your wedding day. All of my images capture the connection between my couples. When I shoot in a fashion and fine-art style, I try to direct only and avoid any posing. My associate in house photographers are mostly photojournalistic but they do really well in traditional style and portraits too.
After the wedding we send you a layout preview in a very intuitive album gallery where you can click and comment on every photo or section on the spread. You can request adding and removing of photos, pages, spreads at this stage. After approval we proceed with retouching, skin smoothening, body shaping and all that magazine retouching techniques. After your final approval we optimise the layouts and send for print. In maximum two months the album will be delivered in our office in London.
Weddings make me feel challenged as a professional wedding photographer, highly motivated and inspired which triggers my wish to work and be creative. The wedding photography must be a passion for the professional photographer because it includes all styles of photography – portraiture, fashion, reportage, candid, commercial and fashion … and requires the ability to change them quickly and be creative. People are also motivated to look good and they give their best. On weddings I don’t shoot just bride and groom but princesses, celebrities etc. they turned to.
The photos could be ready about 2 days after the wedding in the best case scenario and uploaded in your password secured gallery. Sometimes it might take up to a week in very rare occasions. This depends on the collection you choose, the number of photos and how busy we are.
This is a very important question but we find it disrespectful if people ask for prices not knowing us and our photography or videography. We have a short answer for that kind of cold call questions: not less than your wedding florist and in most of the cases not less than your wedding dress. When you wake up on the day after your wedding, the first dance will be a memory, the cake will be eaten and forgotten, the flowers are drying and soon they’ll be disposed… Photos are the only thing that will live forever and keep the memories for your perfect wedding. If you love your partner and plan to get married once and forever in your life don’t search for cheap wedding photographers!
I work with a number of trained in house photographers so, don’t worry. If you can’t afford my services we’ll find you the best photographer for you.
How much is always the first question for majority of deal seeker brides with Groupon attitude, and we haven’t displayed our prices online on purpose because 90% of the people don’t know what they need and compare apples to oranges. We don’t blame you because this is your first wedding and God bless to be the only one. It’s normal to having a lack of experience in choosing wedding photographer, that’s why we prefer to meet with you, to give you more information, to educate you and you’ll be ready to pick the right photographer for your wedding. If we can’t meet, we can always arrange a Skype, Facebook or Google+ video conversation. Why this is so important? – Because you don’t buy a tangible product yet. You invest in a future product that you haven’t seen and don’t know what it will look like. What you buy is photographers time, trust, skills, experience and reputation. You’ll make a big mistake if you compare price lists and skip those things. We hear that every week: “I wish you have been our wedding photographer … why we haven’t known you earlier …” we calculated about 90% dissatisfaction feedback from wedding photographers, but the statistic is even worst, it shows that the professional wedding photographers out there (including internet) are only 4% and the couples satisfaction is about 10% only. Isn’t it strange that on every website you see “the best wedding photographer”, how can everyone be “the best wedding photographer” and the outcome to be 10% satisfaction? Now you think, if everybody is “the best” I’ll chose the cheapest one, let’s go shopping for prices. WRONG!!! The best you can do is get in touch and let’s organize a free meeting with you. You’ll understand all the prices and options, you’ll know where your money go and much more, you’ll be an educated bride and groom. And of course you’re not forced to book us if you don’t like what you’re offered.
We love shooting pre wedding engagement shoots, they are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and a perfect opportunity to get to know each other. Most couples also use their images for invitations, signing albums and more. We can discuss this when we speak. Keep in mind all our pre wedding or post wedding shoots are Monday to Friday as we shoot weddings at the weekends.
Easy. After agreeing your collection, we need your postal address for the paperwork, plus a transferred deposit.
Approximately 60% of our work is destination weddings. We have shoot weddings throughout the UK, Barcelona, Moscow, St Petersburg, Athens, etc.
In most cases, yes. We have friends in many cities and if possible we’ll try to shorten your accommodation expenses. Expenses include flight, transfer and accommodation.
The term wedding photographer is wrong and we believe that wedding photographers who’ve never done studio shoots, portraits, fashion, etc. are just clickers. The internet is full with them. I can be classified more as a fashion photographer (comming from that background) or a photo journalist who shoots weddings in more fashion or photo journalistic way, but this is wrong too because on a wedding day I’m a portraitist and commercial photographer too, etc. The goal of Peter Lane Photography is to offer a boutique style wedding photography products and services. That’s why I always use the help of photo assistants and/or second photographer, we retouch all of the photo album photos, we use only the high-end photo album brands and the most modern photo equipment. All that in favour of the client.
Speaking with the couple before their special day helps clarifying their specific requirements about the photography aspect of their wedding. Some of our couples receive Engagement or Love Story photo session in their collection. It can be staged or spontaneous. The Engagement photo session is spontaneous and casual, while the Love Story requires a scenario and time for preparation. On that photo sessions we become friends and getting to know each other better and know what we want and the quickest way to achieve it. I’m getting to know how normal is your normal and how crazy is your craziness. It’s not good to get to know all that on the Big Day. On that photo walk I’m teaching the couple and mostly the bride how to became a friend with the light and how to pose for good and to make it naturally. You’re receiving my Bridal posing workshop for free together with lots of beautiful photos and your trust and confidence for the wedding day.
I recommend you to have a second photographer especially if your wedding has more than 150 guests! If you wish to have a second photographer present at your wedding, that can be arranged. The cost range you can see in the price list or if you choose all other collections except the first one, you get it for free. The benefit of having a second photographer is that you will have two sets of eyes (and hands) two different creative minds working together to capture your wedding from every possible angle. This is must have option if you want you wedding album to be a story teller. Just imagine the following moment: You’re before the priest full of emotions, first kiss, the rings … tears in your eyes, laughter … all that happens for a fraction of a second. My second photographer is not just an extra photographer for more images. He is trained to praise the moment and knows what to shoot and what equipment to use. I crop your faces and shoot your emotions, tears of joy, laughter, etc. and blur everything else making you to pop up. Nice image but doesn’t tell the story. My second photographer captures the whole scene together with the sleeping grand father, crying mother in low, everybody watching you, etc. We go very quick behind you and I get a photo of the priest between and behind you and blur all the rest, but my second shooter shoots the whole church, synagogue, etc. with its whole beauty and captures the beauty of the wedding dress too. Later on you see all that 4 images on a spread in the album and that spread tells the complete story of the moment.
I hate it when I’m buying something and the deal keeps changing that’s why the answer is – Absolutely not! Everything is in the collection list and the agreement. I quote you one price for my services. Travel, lodging and (special work) visa expense are charged additionally as well as some extra services you may want.
It’s good but not necessarily for most of the events as we need to keep our vision and fingers sharp and avoid patterns.
Yes, the 3 main collections does. The exception is the Digital, any Custom collection, and the “A-La-Carte” one, as if a client chooses this particular collection they can have their album(s) done by a vendor of their own choice and/or order it later.
The photo albums included in all base collections are provided by Graphi Studio books. They come with thick continuous pages and unbeatable quality. Did I say unbeatable? You can understand that after years, but for now you can just trust me. I’ve seen many brides crying of joy when holding them in their hands for the first time, and I would love to be the one who gives you your family book.
If your wedding is UK based we can either talk on the phone first or have a Skype video call, or Viber, Facebook, WhatsUp video to introduce ourselves, or it would be great to meet in person for a coffee. Whatever works best for you. If you are abroad, we can email, phone call or Skype.
The right question is – “how many different photos will we have” as we don’t chaise the numbers but the story telling quality. It depends on a number of factors and these include: the style of shooting (photo-reportage, traditional, fashion), the number of photographers, whether the wedding is big or small. Since we photograph digitally, we do not limit the number of photos we take during your wedding day. As each wedding is unique, we will photograph as much as we feel necessary to capture the great moments of your day. On average I give 1000-2000 photos minimum.
Most people have their questions answered by email or over a Skype video. Due to a high volume of enquiries and as we travel a lot, we’re not always physically available for a face-to-face meeting, but not to worry, we can talk until we can meet.
Bank Transfer, Cash.
Well, the part of the wedding photography you actually see is only the tip of the iceberg for the whole job. It may sound like a lot of money you are paying for a relatively small job but you don’t see the days of time spent on the computer colour correcting and tuning your images, retouching and designing your album, the education time and expenses, the time spent traveling, the time and expenses spent for marketing and creating websites, blogs and social media so we can be able to reach you, the constant flow of client emails and phone calls to answer, and the hours spent planning and reserving travel arrangements for flights, hotels and cars, time spent for learning new camera techniques or new computer software, etc. The cheap or part time photographers don’t devote that much, don’t buy expensive equipment, don’t upgrade, etc. and they’re happy to provide mediocre work. We don’t target numbers of brides, we serve about 20 couples a year and we spoil them with awesome imagery.
This is one of my favorite types of photo sessions similar to the American Trash the Dress. This type of photography is done the day after the wedding but it is the bride’s choice whether to have such shooting or not. If the wedding dress is relatively clean (from wine drops, other’s shoes or cake for example) the bride can choose a location where to have some glamour and fashion images, either alone or with the groom. There is some articles about it in my blog.
Absolutely. Only keep in mind that a-la-carte album prices are higher.
The source photo becomes property of the photographer from the moment of its creation if there is no specific agreement that states otherwise.

We don’t have big or small clients, big or small weddings because we love them all and we’re driven by passion and inspiration. Our few hours one photographer digital coverage clients are as happy as our 16 hours, and plenty of services Big Fat Greek Weddings couples. Our attitude is always the same however our services differ, so please choose the one that fits your needs and budget by filling in the corresponding enquiry forms bellow.

Here on this page you’ll see 2 Photography Collections – Premium (all inclusive) and digital. Please take a look the difference and knowing what’s included will be the base of our meeting discussion.

Can’t wait to hear your story!

For those of you who need photo and video bundle, yes we can do it all for you.

The Big Fat Greek wedding experience with Peter Lane Creative Studio

Greek weddings are life time experience, tons of joy, traditional dancing, tasty food and strong sense of community experience.

Being one of the most popular Greek wedding photographers in North London area – Southgate, Enfield, Edmonton, Barnet, Potters Bar, Hadley Woods, etc. I’m happy to be a part of your Big Fat Greek wedding plans.

Here you can see some examples of real Greek weddings and their corresponding albums. Buckle up and enjoy!

Joana & Giannis – amazing destination Greek wedding in Athens, Glyfada – Amaltheia!

The awesome wedding of Skev & Harry – Luxury Greek wedding in Hilton Wembley, London

Luxury Sopwel House, Hertfordshire Greek wedding of Andrea & Jacob

“Peter… Oh my god you are an absolute star!!!!!!!! We love the album, it looks unreal… They all look unreal thank you so so so much!!!!! I can’t stop looking at it, I don’t want to bend the pages, I need to put it in my beautiful box!!!! I am going to take a photo of them and will write a post on your wall to say thank you.
Thank you so so much for our freebies too!!!!!! We love them!!! Such a nice thing for you to do xxxxx”

The wedding album of Skev & Harry – Luxury Greek wedding in Hilton Wembley, London

The Wedding album of Nicola & Chris – Luxury Greek wedding in Gilgamesh, London

The Wedding album of Mandalena & Nick – Luxury Greek wedding in Grand Conaught Rooms, London

The Wedding album of Andrea & Jacob – Luxury Greek wedding in Sopwel House, Hertfordshire

The Wedding album of Joana & Giannis – Luxury Greek wedding in Athens, Greece

The Wedding album of Sophia & Andy – Luxury Greek wedding in Shendish Mannor, Hertfordshire

The Wedding album of Lina & Chris – Greek/English wedding in The Regency Banqueting Suite, North London

The Wedding album of Natasha & Neo – Greek Wedding in Hilton Wembley, London

Irish – Traditional Cypriot Greek Wedding in London – Eileen & Harry

The Wedding album of Eileen & Harry – Irish/Greek Wedding in Stoke Place, Buckinghamshire

Claire & Chris – a big fat Greek wedding in London – Regency, and a Greek Orthodox Christening

The Wedding album of Claire & Chris – Greek wedding in The Regency Banqueting Suite, North London

Premium Collections:

  • covered personally by Peter Lane together with a trained assistant, or a second photographer. You’ll benefit by more than 12 years of international experience and Peter’s ability to creatively blend fashion, fine-art and documentary to capture all aspects of your Big Day.
  • the best Italian hand made wedding albums coming with hundreds of options – paper types, covers (materials and colours), sleeves and boxes, etc. to match your theme and preferences.
  • it’s a huge difference when the photographer knows how to shoot with the album in mind, designing the page while shooting.
  • your unique album will be designed by professional magazine designers and retouched by professional fashion magazine retouchers, which is a huge difference between “one man business” albums.
  • whole day coverage.
  • a beautiful private online gallery to share photos with your friends and help them find and print the photo they want and the media they want – canvas, frames, T-shirt, iPhone covers, etc.
  • fastest in UK delivery of all your thousands of images – only 2 days after the wedding while people still have hangover and fresh memories, so you can show the social media that your wedding has been magnificent, not dark, pixelated and blurry 🙂
  • Home Use rights of all photos in hi-res, edited, print ready. You’ll get thousands of nice photos not hundreds and you can print them wherever you want, they are yours!
  • fastest in UK album delivery, speed light fast!
  • unique and amazing online album proofing experience, you don’t have to describe the photos to be changed, swapped, enlarged, removed, etc. anymore because we’ll see the same what you see as if we share one computer.
  • your album retouching is the same quality as the fashion magazines and even better.
  • you won’t be posed but directed instead because we teach our brides how to pose for great results months before the wedding day.
  • you’ll be spoiled and surprised because we like happy clients!
  • you’ll get more than you can imagine.

Isn’t it all that AWESOME? And that’s not all 🙂

Premium Collections Enquiry

Standard Packages:

  • time based.
  • average prices for UK but on better quality. Our trained photographers are happy to prove their creativity with every new wedding.
  • digital files edited in hi-res.
  • online private gallery.
  • all extras like albums, photographers, retouching, etc. will be charged A-La-Carte.
  • Standard Packages Enquiry