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Wedding photography trend – the before and after 

Being a full time professional wedding photographer for 15+ years already, I have always been looking at the trends and trying to adapt and please my clients. Upgrading cameras, lens,  computers, software, etc. every year. 

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You’ve probably been fascinated to find and look at your grannies albums. Accomplished by old primitive technology but the photos look so refined and everything looks put on the right place – poses, expressions, light. Photography equipment was expensive when I started my career and photographers were knowledgable and skilled with their profession. This month we decided to expand our presence in UK and opened a casting for new photographers. 1 out of 100 attracted our attention. 80% of them were educated in photography and arts. Such a waste of parents money! Tragedy for the industry and even bigger tragedy for those brides who will book them. 

I love the new technology and the way it contributes to photographer’s creativity. Same time I want to cry when I look at the mass wedding photos out there together with the wedding albums. Everything looks so cheap! Having a special and expensive event and to end up with mediocre memories, it’s a nonsense for me. This year many professional photography studios closed down after 20-30 years of full time professional work and great feedback from clients. This is the reality of wedding photography 2.0 and the word is C H E A P. Let’s name it in another term “fast food wedding photography”. Do I need to explain more? 

Every year more professional wedding photographers will close down. To remain on full time service a photographer should be able to afford the often gear and software upgrades together with the corresponding learning curve and unfair competition. Our photos will look plastic and not important. In a given moment the bridal party will change the photographer with a selfie stick. 

There is a bright side though. And of course bright brides and grooms who appreciate the good everlasting wedding photography. We’ve always been concentrated on educating our clients and stay on the bright side. We’re blessed to remain full time wedding photographers having clients locally in London, whole UK and in other countries. We’ll continue to upgrade, learn and give more until we have awaken clients who appreciate our work. 

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