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Sanel & Necip – Hylands House

The Big Fat Cypriot Turkish Wedding Story of Senel & Necip, by London Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

Cypriot Turkish wedding in Highlands House Essex

Being wedding photographers we meet a lot of people, listen to their stories, dreams and worries. Here a short story of one amazing couple.

Once upon a time In Instagram a beautiful lady texted me: Peter, I love your work, it so different and alive… are you available for my wedding? I didn’t see it immediately and I got a phone call from a groom to be asking for a meeting. At the end of the meeting I had to say, if you like what we do you must be quick with deposit as there’s another client interested. The lady from Instagram. Then I was surprised that she is his fiancée!

All booked – full package photography and video and we started counting the time. We were very exited. Not as much as the groom who kept on contacting months before with that kind of messages: Peter, the wedding is tomorrow, lets discuss it. 

So, here the Big day. We arrived in the beautiful Essex Highlands House, such an amazing wedding venue. Two things captured our attention. The bride was calm and confident, even when everyone around her panicked about the lost bridal dress ribbon. The dress was something unique that I haven’t experienced before. I’m sure it was more than 20-30kg. I tried to lift it up and hang in corridor for a dress shot and I couldn’t. I had to ask my assistant to help me up.   

Senel & Necip celebrates and amazing Cypriot wedding by the Turkish traditions, music and food. Our team of wedding photographers and videographers had a great time and wish you guys long life, health and happiness! 

For those of you planning a wedding soon, feel free to contact and please take a look at our portfolio, incl the videography portfolio.


Cenk & Bahire – Turkish wedding

The Big Fat Cypriot Turkish Wedding Story of Cenk & Bahire, by Turkish Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

The North London Turkish Cypriot  community often  calls me – The Turkish Wedding Photographer of London, and as a wedding photographer we meet a lot of people, listen to their stories, dreams and worries.

We’re always happy to photograph or film in the beautiful wedding venue – Braxted Park in Essex. When Cenk & Bahire visited us and shared their wedding plans we were so excited. Especially happy that the whole wedding will take place in one location, which is a guarantee for lots of beautiful photos and peace of mind for bride and groom.

As a wedding photographer I was glad to have a mountain of time for the preps shots, applying different techniques and lighting setups. Such a stress free and relaxed couple, pleasure to work with.

The weather was nice and bright, no rain at all, allowing us to explore the beautiful estate and having the ceremony outdoor.

Spending the day with the couple was a blessing. We were highly honoured to document their big day.

Food and catering – 5 stars, carefully organised by Yusuf and his Complete Wedding Services team. Nice looking, fresh and plenty.

Braxted park wedding team was very cooperative keeping everything on time and sharing ideas and advices how to make the photo shoots smooth and quick.

It was pleasure to work with Mario wedding videographer from TVP weddings, can’t wait to see the video.

Dear couple, it was an amazing Cypriot Turkish wedding, we truly enjoyed and wish you long life and all the happiness in the world!

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