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Should I book a wedding videographer

Wedding videography a must or a maybe



There is something very special about a picture that captures spontaneous moments. The first kiss, or when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Wedding photography allows us not just to capture the moment, but to freeze the emotions associated with those moments.
The first look the couple have on their wedding day is an utterly magical moment. Imagine if it was captured on beautiful cinematic wedding video. Who wouldn’t want to watch it back in all its glory and relive that special moment?


Should we have a wedding videographer

Remembering what happens during your wedding day is not easy. Wedding videography preserves every important moment of your big day and relive it in real time. From listening to the speeches, to reliving the ceremony and your vows, including the emotion in your voices, is priceless.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer enables you to capture all the special moments and fleeting emotions, in real time. A wedding video is powerful enough not just to remind you of the day, but to bring you back to the feelings, emotions and sounds of those precious moments.
It allows you to feel the spirit of the day, and remember exactly what it all felt like.

Best wedding photography and wedding videography in London

For those of you who read this and planning your Big day, feel free to contact us so we can begin creating beautiful memories, together.
The best wedding photography and wedding videography services. Our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers will capture all important moments of your wedding  through an exquisite collection of breathtakingly beautiful photographs and cinematic videos.

Jan & Marti Cinematic Video

A Big Fat Cypriot Turkish Wedding at Landmark London

Cinematography story-telling by London wedding videographer Peter Lane

What an amazing Perrys Weddings Landmark wedding! As a wedding videographer I feel blessed every time when I work along Perrys team. Attention to detail from A to Z and smooth order durning the whole day. The Swiss watch of the London wedding industry!

Landmark London wedding videographer photographer - Turkish wedding

Burgeons, your flowers fairytale can’t be left unnoticed. Your talent to recreate any premises is exceptional.

DJ Tony TP, always pleasure to work with you and I mean it. Time goes fast when I see how people have fun and don’t search for rest. So much fun, everyone surfing on the wave. Top man!

I can’t skip kudos to Howard the Toast Master, the best one in the industry!

And now, the bride and groom. An amazing, always smiling, energetic young couple. When I met them 2 years ago and they said they plan to use Perrys Wedding for the event planning I got a big relief as I knew that both, they and my team will be in good hands. As wedding videographers in London downtown hard logistics we rely on people who take the order seriously and compliment our work.

Wedding video highlights storytelling

To match their personality and blend romantic, stylish and classy with their innocent young craziness we decided to go for a contrasty highlights edit. When we saw the timeline to hit 8 min. we thought it’s too much as we hardly go over 4 min., but then when watching few times we felt that it takes 2 minutes. 

What can I say more, it was a truly amazing 5 star Turkish London Wedding. We’ll remember it for long and Peter Lane Photography team made our best for the bride and groom to remember and cherish for generations to come.

Wishing you all Earth and Heaven blessings Jan & Marti!

For those of you planning a wedding, feel free to browse our wedding videography and wedding photography portfolio. We’re happy to offer everything under one roof for your Big Day.

Greek wedding – Andrea & Warren

The Big Fat Greek Wedding Story of Andrea & Warren, by Greek Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

The North London Cypriot  community often  calls me – The Greek Wedding Photographer of London, and as a wedding photographer I meet a lot of people, listen to their stories, dreams and worries. You have probably read my article about the wedding of Andrea & Kyri, so the interesting thing here is that Andrea Prodromou is a cousin of Andrea Prodromou 🙂 I met Andrea & Warren almost 2 years ago, half a year before her cousin’s wedding. A lovely family together with Andrea’s mom and dad and their adorable little children.

A week before the wedding the forecast change giving a whole week of rain including the wedding day. So we all swapped plan B as a plan A. Luckily it was an amazing sunny day cut from the global forecast. That was a big gift from above allowing us to have outdoor photos in the beautiful venue garden – The Prince Regent Hotel.

Andrea’s stolisma was an emotional experience – tears, emotions … things that can’t be said by words, only hearth to hearth. It was lovely to see the support of the bride’s son holding her hand during that moment, together with her little daughter sleeping next to him during the noisy ceremony.

Tear of joy and emotional moments met the bride and her father appearing at the registry aisle. This time it was the groom.

Confetty, family photos and canapés… followed by the big entrance. Dj Funksy & Praxis Entreatment introduced all the main heroes of the day with a high start of party mood. I was glad to see a saxophone in the band, not very  usual for Greek weddings. Two singer, brilliant musicians and amazing mix of Greek, house, modern English and R&B. Good job Funksy!

Speeches! So much from the hearth and so little of reading. Touchy, deep and emotional. Our whole team my second wedding photographer and two wedding videographers truly enjoyed listening and capturing the audience reactions. Well done to all speakers including little Leo and the youngest family member who put and end of speeches with: We did it! 

Then you know what followed, Greek dance, fun and lots of laughter.

What an amazing Greek wedding!

Wedding videography workshop

wedding videography workshop london

Wedding videography workshop

How to become successful wedding videographer and filmmaker in 21 century?

How to film beautiful cinematic wedding videos and how to run your business successfully? How to differentiate from the thousands wedding videographers out there? How to become a friend of camera and friend of your client? In Peter Lane Creative Studio we’ve developed workflow and technics that work. We’ve been thru and tested many not working models and what you are going to get is only proven professional knowledge and experience.

The wedding videography workshop covers:

  • Buying the right tools
  • Knowing your gear
  • The manual, your best friend
  • Pre Wedding meeting and planning
  • Your style
  • Ways to film and edit
  • Basics of filming
  • Focusing
  • Exposure and ND filters
  • Filming with or without lights
  • On camera and off camera lights
  • The right lenses for the right time of the wedding day
  • Directing or just PJ
  • How to edit
  • How to sell
  • Branding and marketing
  • The wedding agreement
  • Time for your questions

£599 – a compressed full day workshop which will load you with tons of practical wedding photography know-how – at least 10 people required.

£699 – individual customised tutorial.

£299 – Individual 1 to 1 compressed teaching online by Skype video, up to 4 hours. Please send your question in advance.

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

2 + 9 =

Luxury London based photography & videography services

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we are proud to have an unbeatable photography and videography portfolio. Offering high class photographers & videographers with unbeatable experience in their field. Turnaround delivery speed, edit, vision, style diversity - things that our returning clients love and appreciate. Enjoy Peter Lane Creative Studio.

Multi-cultural wedding photography London

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we respect all different cultures, religions and ceremonies, we enjoy to photograph many different weddings in London, whole UK and destination locations.