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Studio Lighting workshop

Studio lighting workshop masterclass London

Studio lighting Workshop – The basics of Studio Lighting Photography Masterclass

This workshop gives you the basic knowledge of Studio lighting and studio lighting  know-how. No boring terminology and no boring theory. Get the experience from experienced professional photographer and get ready to start shooting. Photography studio lighting will not only teach you the studio lighting basics but it will give you a huge creative knowledge to be implemented into wedding photography, children photography, etc.

What’s included?

  • Getting to know the equipment
  • Modifiers, reflectors and supporting gear
  • Hard light vs. Soft light
  • Distance and inverse square law
  • Who is in charge?
  • Sync speed
  • Limitations
  • Patterns of lighting – portraiture basics
  • Broad light and short light
  • Rim light and kick light
  • Time for your questions

£399 – at least 5 people required.

£499 – individual half day session

Online by Skype 1 on 1 £149 per started hour – prepare your questions and send in advance.

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

Wedding photography workshop

Wedding photography workshop

Wedding Photography Workshop

How to become successful wedding photographer in 21 century?

How to shoot beautiful wedding photos and how to run your business successfully? How to differentiate from the thousands wedding photographers and clickers out there? How to friend with light and your client? In Peter Lane Photography we’ve developed workflow and technics that work. We’ve been thru and tested many not working models and what you are going to get is only proven professional knowledge.

The wedding photography workshop covers?

  • Knowing your gear
  • The manual, your best friend
  • Jpg vs RAW
  • Nikon vs Canon vs Sony, etc.?!?
  • Modes of shooting
  • Focusing
  • Exposure
  • Shooting with flash
  • On camera and off camera
  • Shooting with video light
  • The right lenses for the right time of the wedding day
  • Posing, directing or just PJ
  • How to sell
  • The wedding album
  • How to negotiate
  • Branding and marketing
  • The wedding agreement
  • Shooting with flash
  • Shooting with video light
  • Analysing
  • Time for your questions

£599 – a compressed full day workshop which will load you with tons of practical wedding photography know-how – at least 10 people required. Apply for individual customised tutorial.

£299 – Individual 1 to 1 compressed teaching online by Skype video, up to 4 hours. Please send your question in advance.

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

Luxury London based photography & videography services

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we are proud to have an unbeatable photography and videography portfolio. Offering high class photographers & videographers with unbeatable experience in their field. Turnaround delivery speed, edit, vision, style diversity - things that our returning clients love and appreciate. Enjoy Peter Lane Creative Studio.

Multi-cultural wedding photography London

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we respect all different cultures, religions and ceremonies, we enjoy to photograph many different weddings in London, whole UK and destination locations.