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Getting married in Cyprus – Tips

Wedding in Cyprus – Tips


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Cyprus is a paradise island and a wonderful place to get married in, but just like any place it requires great planning for a stunning wedding.

The first important thing is to define your wedding style and book the perfect wedding venue in Cyprus for your Big Day.

Picking the perfect location for your wedding plays a huge role in the ambiance for your Cyprus wedding. Think about is what’s important to you and your guests, for example if there will be a number of children coming you may require additional facilities.

Choose the Right Season. This is probably one of the most crucial point that needs to be addressed when choosing your wedding destination.

Cyprus gives you a greater choice and flexibility on the dates as the wedding season runs from April to October.
April and May mark the beginning of summer with average temperatures around 18°C during the day.
June is hot and very sunny month with average temperatures around 28 °C during the day and 18 °C at night.
July and August are the hottest months of the year. Those two months have their advantages. You can combine wedding and honey moon, enjoying beach and pool days endlessly as well as all the summer activities.
September and October are two of the best months to getting married in Cyprus. While summer has officially ended in Europe and cool weather has arrived, in Cyprus the best season starts.

Sunshine and cloudless blue skies – it’s a backdrop brides dream of. But while you’re fantasising about the weather, spare a thought for how it will affect your outfit. If you are swapping vows on the beach, leave the heavy gowns alone and pick a light, flowy fabric for your wedding dress.
And those satin heels may look amazing, but practical beach footwear they’re not – a beautiful white pair of flip flops will keep you comfortable.

The guest list must be prepared and wedding cards to be distributed well in advance. The wedding cards must be appealing to the guests and reflect the style of the wedding venue and location.

Hire a professional destination wedding photographer

Planning a wedding may take a few months or a year’s time. But the event is just a matter of a few days. So each and every moment spent should be captured. For this, it is necessary to hire a professional destination wedding photographer.
Be sure to book your best wedding photographer in Cyprus on time, as the greatest wedding photographers are booked years in advance.
Your wedding is a unique day. You only get one opportunity to capture those special

Tips on choosing your wedding cake

Choosing the perfect wedding cake tips

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We all know that planning a wedding is a big undertaking and it’s also one of the most special and rewarding times in your life. There are many decisions to be made throughout your planning journey. Choosing your perfect wedding cake is one of those important decisions .

The wedding cake tradition has been in place since Ancient Roman times, with the ceremonial breaking of wheat or barley cake over the brides head for good fortune.
Luckily for modern day brides, these traditions have stayed in the past. Now we are blessed with the best part, the stunning designs and delicious flavours!

Set a practical budget. With bunches of different things to purchase including dress, venue, cooking and music – you have to consider the amount of your general spending plan will be spent on the cake

Think about portion size. The number of people you want to serve, and the serving size, will narrow down the number of designs you have to choose from.

Some people serve their cake as dessert. Others serve a smaller portion with coffee, and still others give guests a slice to take home.

Begin searching for ideas. Read wedding magazines that element cakes. Look online at wedding cake thoughts. Pinterest is an amazing resource for brides to be. You can basically type in all the ideas and inspiration you have – and it’ll pop up loads of relevant photos you can either use as inspiration.

Trust the experts on design. If you go to a reputable cake maker, they should have plenty of examples of different styles and designs to choose from. This is a great way to start a collaboration.

Think about heating. If you’ve got a buttercream cake, but your wedding reception is outside on a summer’s day – that might not be the wisest choice. Best to run through these things with the cake maker first!

Hire a professional wedding photographer

Don’t forget to book your best wedding photographer London.  He/she is the one who will capture all special details of your Wedding day.
Be sure to book your creative wedding photographer well in advance, as the greatest wedding photographers are booked months, sometimes years in advance.
Your wedding is a unique day and that means you only get one opportunity to capture those special moments.

Top Tips on Planning Your Destination Wedding in Greece

Top Tips on Planning Your Destination Wedding in Greece

destination wedding photographer in Greece

Romantic sunsets, gorgeous beaches and beautiful weather – your dream wedding in Greece! It’s perfect for larger wedding parties and great for those wanting a more intimate affair. 
The fabulous climate and endless blue skies provide a stunning backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. 
Having a destination wedding is both memorable and adventurous.

If you are planning your wedding in Greece it is a good idea to plan things out well in advance. You should allow some more time for researching your perfect venue. One of the best decisions you can make early on is hiring a wedding planner, destination wedding photographer and wedding videographer. 
Also you should be thinking about giving enough time to your guests to secure their travel plans.

A destination wedding requires you to send Save the Date cards with as much notice as possible, 6 – 9 months being ideal. It gives guests a chance to consider their financial situation, book time off work and make travel arrangements.The more notice you give will increase their chances of attending.

Hire a wedding planner
 At times, you’re going to find planning your destination wedding a little stressful.

We believe everyone can plan a wedding, but some people do it better than others. For these people, it’s their profession and they do it every day of the week. Hiring a wedding planner will mean that you will have more time to relax, chill out and explore your new surroundings with family and friends.
 A good planner will take things to the next level by handling all the details and can make things a lot easier for you.

Hire a destination wedding photographer

When planning a destination wedding you need to consider bringing a professional wedding photographer you love with you to ensure your pictures are perfect.
Hiring a destination wedding photographer it allows you to find the best wedding photographer that matches your style. It allows you to find a photographer you connect with and trust, so that you don’t need to worry and feel comfortable with them.
Capturing your wedding day will give you memories and amazing photos to treasure for life. Make sure you hire your perfect wedding photographer in Greece to capture it all.

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