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The royal wedding photographer 

Is Peter Lane a royal wedding photographer? Yes, no or maybe?

If we all have to treat every wedding as a royal event and every bride as a princess, then yes, I’m a royal photographer. No, I’m not at the moment only because the royal family haven’t heard about me yet. Maybe, because sooner or later some of them will discover my talent in photography. Not just as a wedding photographer but as The Photographer – Sir Peter Lane. 

As I live in London, England I’ve been always attracted by the royal family. My favourite personalities are – the duchess of York and prince Harry. They have a special charisma that I can feel but can’t  explain. 

A story of a future royal photographer 

royal photographer london, duchess of york

Here a funny royal story I had. A year ago I was happy to shoot a Quintessentially event with a guest the duchess of York. Christmas time, on the background of Themes river and London bridge. Strangely but she arrived first. I was busy with the room shots and lights setup and here she came to me. First impression, she asked me for my name. Nobody does it. People don’t care. Then, she asked me for a photo next to the Christmas tree. And then here and there and here and there… I still wasn’t aware that I’m in a presence of a royal person. I kindly said “woman, I’m here all nigh long and will make you as many photos as you like but for now please let me finish my preps”. Slowly the event manager cane to me a quietly whispering “Peter, this is the duchess of York”. Oh noooo! I’m such a silly vanilly, I said to myself. 

The party and dinner were 5 stars! A lot of international wealthy business people. Sarah, the duchess of York decided to leave earlier and said goodbye to the important people. I was invited to have a dinner with all guests and I took a strategic position at the end of the table where I can see everyone coming in and out, so I stood up to take few documentary shots. She left the restaurant and in 10ish seconds she appear at the door again. I thought she’s forgotten something. She came straight to me. Peter, she said, thank you very much! … and she left again.

I was shocked! She remembered my name and turned back to say goodbye to a stranger and express gratitude. That was a huge lesson for me.

Dear Sarah, prince Harry and other royal members, if you read this you can count on me as your trusted and talented photographer – pet photographer, portrait photographer, lifestyle and fashion photographer and finally a wedding photographer. 

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