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wedding photography & videography workshop

The Big Wedding Bundle – A to Z Wedding photography & videography workshop

Please take a look at the wedding photography workshop and wedding videography workshop for more details.

This Big Bundle creative wedding photography & videography workshop is designed for those of you interested to succeed in both creative fields photography and videography. The workshop will give you tons of knowledge, know-how, and the most important – our experience. We’ve gone through many mistakes, fake advices, trial and errors and pseudo knowledge to filter down only the things that work. The workshop will save you precious time and money, and focus on your skills and profit.

Take the shortcut, get the tested knowledge and start making money with your wedding photography & videography business.

£1499 – 2 or 3 days

Workshop carefully created and proudly presented by Peter Lane Photography, London.

3 + 5 =

Luxury London based photography & videography services

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we are proud to have an unbeatable photography and videography portfolio. Offering high class photographers & videographers with unbeatable experience in their field. Turnaround delivery speed, edit, vision, style diversity - things that our returning clients love and appreciate. Enjoy Peter Lane Creative Studio.

Multi-cultural wedding photography London

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we respect all different cultures, religions and ceremonies, we enjoy to photograph many different weddings in London, whole UK and destination locations.