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Jewish wedding photographer

Your Simcha, Jewish Wedding photographer and videographer London

Welcome to the best Jewish wedding photography & storytelling videography company in London. My name is Peter Rosen-Lane, director of Peter Lane Photography, London based photography and videography company.

Shortly, how we started our Simcha department 5 years ago. I was invited to shoot and film a Simcha event and I had a meeting booked with the client. Very wealthy and picky client with an amazing house in a good Jewish community area. He was very straight forward: “Peter, how can I trust you? I asked around friends, neighbours, the synagogue and nobody knows who Peter Lane is. We know Chiko, Daniel Morris, Ezra and nothing about you.” Well, I said, you have eyes and you see what I do, you either like or dislike it. Then he said, “for us photography is very important and we can trust Jewish wedding photographers and videographers, proven and experienced Simcha professionals, I like what I see but still difficult to trust you and book you. If they were not booked already we wouldn’t take this meeting”. Nothing I can help with, I replied. And then he stood up, “Peter to be honest I can’t book you but as our Simcha coordinator Dan said: “I guarantee for Peter with my life”, I’ve never heard of someone to guarantees with his life, especially in our community. I said, me neither! That was the BEST recommendation I’ve ever had. He shook my hand and prepaid immediately.

Highly recommended Jewish wedding photographer and videographer

On the day, Dan came to me and said: “this client is very very fussy, if he likes you you’ll have plenty of work, but if not happy the whole community will know that. After his first son Bar Mitzvah I was pre-booked for the younger one and got 19 referrals for next year.” It was a great Bar Mitzvah party, really huge and fancy. Lasers, production, decoration, fancy Central London event venue … We ended with about 3000 photos and everything was filtered, edited and delivered to the client 2 days after the party.

I was in the parents house with Dan, celebrating his dad’s birthday and at 11pm I got 3 messages in a sequence. I saw the name and I thought. So late messages in a raw he is not happy. I said, Dan, you open it. He read it and smiled. Peter, this is it! This is what we live for. The client is over the moon. First message was all possible ways to say Thank you in English. Second: “Peter, you and your team are another league, better than anyone. The whole family is so happy that we can’t express with words.” Third message: “If your are free for that date (3 years in advance) mark it as booked for both photo and video. I know how hard is to find professional photographers and videographers and I want to be sure that you’ll be the one. If already booked we’ll choose another day.” Dan added “they booked me too”. That was so awesome!

Jewish wedding photographer near me – Hendon, Finchley, Borehamwood, Edgware, Hampstead

Next year they refer to me a number of Jewish wedding and Bar Mitzvah clients. Now we’re one of the most recommended Jewish photographers and Jewish video production company in London. We also serve Manchester, New York and abroad. Most of our clients live in Borehamwood, Finchley, Barnet, Hampstead, Hendon, Edgware.

Planning a Jewish wedding, Bar Mitzvah (portfolio here), Brit Milah or any other event feel free to contact us. We have 3 photography and videography teams as our top one is often booked for about 2 years in advance and other do a lot of short notice Simcha.

Here on this page an example of our Jewish wedding portfolio.

Jewish wedding videographer near me – Hendon, Finchley, Borehamwood, Edgware, Hampstead

Also you can find examples of cinematic edit Bar Mitzvah and Jewish wedding videography. We offer high-end Jewish wedding video production and excellent professional Jewish wedding videographers.

Jewish Wedding Cinematic videography by Peter Lane Creative Studio

As you know photographers and videographers are cats and dog, everyone fights for the best shot, vantage point, etc. We solve the problem by organizing everything in-house, so you’ll get same style photography and video. We know how to compliment each other and we deliver more than you can expect. Please take a look at our dedicate videography page for more videos, info and pricing.

Jewish Wedding videographer London

Tewinbury Farm Hotel, Jewish Wedding cinematic highlights

Wedding cinematic videography London Essex Richmond

Jewish Wedding at Quaglino’s, London cinematic highlights

We don’t have big or small clients, big or small weddings because we love them all and we’re driven by passion and inspiration. Our Digital collection clients are as happy as our full day all inclusive Premium Collection ones. Our attitude is always the same however our services differ, so please choose the one that fits your needs and budget the most. Collections are customisable depends on week/weekend, season/off-season, timing, your choice of products and services and of course your wishes.

Here on this page you’ll see two types Photography Collections – Premium (all inclusive) and Standard (or Digital). Please take a look the difference and knowing what’s included will be the base of our meeting discussion.

Can’t wait to hear your story!

For those of you who need wedding photography and cinematic wedding videography under one roof, yes we can do it all for you with greatest pleasure.

Premium Collections – book your meeting:

  • covered personally by Peter Lane together with a trained assistant, or a second photographer. You’ll benefit by more than 13 years of international experience and Peter’s ability to creatively blend fashion, fine-art and documentary to capture all aspects of your Big Day.
  • the best Italian hand made wedding albums coming with hundreds of options – paper types, covers (materials and colours), sleeves and boxes, etc. to match your theme and preferences.
  • it’s a huge difference when the photographer knows how to shoot with the album in mind, designing the page while shooting.
  • your unique album will be designed by professional magazine designers and retouched by professional fashion magazine retouchers, which is a huge difference between “one man business” albums.
  • whole day coverage.
  • a beautiful private online gallery to share photos with your friends and help them find and print the photo they want and the media they want – canvas, frames, T-shirt, iPhone covers, etc.
  • fastest in UK delivery of all your thousands of images – only 2 days after the wedding while people still have hangover and fresh memories, so you can show the social media that your wedding has been magnificent, not dark, pixelated and blurry 🙂
  • Home Use rights of all photos in hi-res, edited, print ready. You’ll get thousands of nice photos not hundreds and you can print them wherever you want, they are yours!
  • fastest in UK album delivery, speed light fast!
  • unique and amazing online album proofing experience, you don’t have to describe the photos to be changed, swapped, enlarged, removed, etc. anymore because we’ll see the same what you see as if we share one computer.
  • your album retouching is the same quality as the fashion magazines and even better.
  • you won’t be posed but directed instead because we teach our brides how to pose for great results months before the wedding day.
  • you’ll be spoiled and surprised because we like happy clients!
  • you’ll get more than you can imagine.

Isn’t it all that AWESOME? And that’s not all 🙂


Standard Collection – From £1600:

  • time based
  • digital files (no albums or prints included)
  • standard for UK just better quality. Our trained photographers are happy to prove their creativity with every new wedding.
  • digital files edited in hi-res
  • online private gallery
  • all extras like albums, photographers, retouching, etc. can be purchased A-La-Carte
  • get in touch for more info or book a meeting

Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah

A Fantastic Bat Mitzvah in London Montcalm by Peter Lane Photography

Few days ago, our Simcha team of Bat Mitzvah photographers and videographers were honoured to capture the amazing Mitzvah party of Nicole, aka COCO XoXo. Such a lovely family!

Bar Mitzvah photographer videographer Montcalm London

What can I say … WOW!!! What a party 9Events! Everything craftly organised from A to Z by 9Events using the top professionals in the Bar Mitzvah industry. Special credits to Zeitlin & Co for the perfect catering, 5 stars food fine-art! Tabledressers, I’m sure the family and all guests were in love with your decoration work. It will be too much if I continue with all kudos. 9Events team of production, special effects, singers, MC, musicians, decorators, dancers and entertainers, etc. you are a guarantee for top party atmosphere and long-lasting memories. Dan, you’re a fantastic DJ and you know how to keep the party jumping and sweating. The feedback from all events together is all 5 stars. We’re always happy to work with you together, and as usually pre-booked together for the younger brother or sister, I can’t wait to see you again on Josh’s Bar Mitzvah.

Here on your attention a selection of highlight photos, if interested in more please ask the family for password –

Vicky & Michael, you have a wonderful family. For the little time that we know each other and for what I’ve heard about you I feel like I know you for years. Mazel Tov on Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah! Our Simcha photography team is wishing her a live full of blessings and happiness!

For those of you who read this and planing a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding, feel free to contact and book in advance. Limited availability as our clients book at least 1-2 years in advance. The best Simcha photography and videography collection in London.

Fine art wedding photography

Artistic, Creative and Fine Art wedding photography


Luxury, Elegant and Timeless are our favorite words to describe Fine-art wedding photography. As a Fine art wedding photographer London, I take pride of not only capturing moments of the wedding day, but also every detail that have taken so much planning.


A wedding is one of the most magical days. A celebration of love, commitment, and emotion. As one of the best Wedding photographers in London we are tasked with documenting the festivities for decades to come.

Sometimes the best way to capture such a day is by thinking outside of the box. This is where fine art photography fills the gap for those that want their day to be represented with more story to it.

Hiring a professional Fine art wedding photographer

Fine art wedding photographers London capture images that are intended to be appreciated as art, not just a documentation of the event. Many artistic wedding photographers are  putting a great care into the detail of the scene.
Artistic inclination stems from unique composition, new perspectives, and having a strong storytelling element in the photographs. As much of fine art is about the artist as it is about the subject of the photograph.

Shallow depth of field, pastel colours and ethereal beauty.
Fine art plays into wedding photography wonderfully. It goes beyond displaying the subject. It expresses the emotion and feeling behind it all.

Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

A great documentary wedding photographer can capture all the little moments that you didn’t even see on the day itself.
One of the clear advantages of the documentary wedding photography is the capture of emotion. The documentary photographs are never planned. These are the moments you don’t remember and they are often one of the most powerful.


A reportage wedding photographer approach should allow you to look back on the story, and see it unfold exactly as you remembered. A true faithful record. The moments are authentic, they are real. They may bring a tear to your eye as you remember.

Hiring a professional Documentary wedding photographer

Documentary wedding photographer London tells the story of your day, in a genuine unobtrusive way. Your best wedding photographer London will capture those fleeting moments that maybe a small handful of people saw and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Spontaneous, natural pictures which tell the story of your day without posing or intervention. And for us as a professional wedding photographers London is important to get to the end of the day, having been as invisible as possible. And for people to wonder if there was even a photographer there at all.

Documentary Wedding Photography London captures the heart and soul of your wedding day.

Conference videography

Conference video production


There are many reasons to have live events and conferences filmed. Hiring a professional conference videographer London who can provide high quality video services can move your business to the next level. A professionally filmed video, generating fresh content to your website that enables you to maintain a dialogue with your audience.

Conference video production is an important element for the success of your business. Corporate videos are used to communicate with your clientele, train employees, or announce new products and product updates. Make sure your customers are able to find you  and get ahead of your competitors by having a video on your site.


Corporate videographer London

Conference videographer London

Engage your target client by invoking powerful emotions with corporate video production. Your message will have a longer lasting, stronger impression than if you just let them read words. By creating a strong video, you can tell your customers who you are and connect in a real way. Video helps you make a memorable, human connection with your viewers. The quality of your corporate and commercial videos reflects directly on the image and representation of your brand.

Exhibition and conference videographer London

Consider hiring a professional exhibition and conference videographer for your next event. Keynote speakers and discussion groups often reveal an important information. Having it recorded it allows you to share it not only with the conference attendees and exhibitors, but the employees and clients of an entire organization.

A good corporate videographer can provide your organization with a motivational and educational video. By investing in the best conference videographer London you are adding another dimension to your company’s branding.

Production value matters. A professionally produced corporate video will reflect more positively on your company and can help strengthen your brand identity.


Corporate photography and videography London

Best Corporate photography London and corporate videography services under one roof. 

Leez Priory wedding photography

Leez Priory Wedding Photographer

It was an absolute honor to capture the wedding of Danielle & Tony at Leez Priory and to be recognised as the Best Essex Wedding Photographer. Leez Priory, situated to the North of Chelmsford is a wonderful venue to get married, probably one of the most unique wedding venues in Essex. 

I was thrilled to be their Leez Priory wedding photographer.


Hire a Top wedding photographer Essex

The wedding day is the most cherished and auspicious event for every couple getting married. It’s the most precious and emotional day. Our wedding photography Essex team will capture all candid and documentary mementos, so you can feel the same excitement and happiness in the future years.

Make sure you book your wedding photographer at the first move. During the wedding season getting the best photographer available for your wedding date is not that easy.



Conference photography

Benefits of hiring a professional conference photographer

Event photography for conferences, trade shows and exhibitions is of incredible importance. The effort that goes into organising these occasions means that you need to hire a professional conference photographer who can provide high quality photography service.

A photograph of a team of employees, or a group of award winners not only shows that your company cares. It builds a wonderful spirit and engenders a sense of belonging in a company. A top-class corporate photographer is able to take pictures of your company members and make them look credible and trustworthy.


Professional conference photography

Images have the potential to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. They easily communicate and pass information quicker than text. By using a professional photographer London, your firm has the chance to showcase its services and strengths to prospective customers and investors. An experienced conference photographer London can craft the story of the employees through his top quality images.

From the registration process, through your plenary and stream sessions. Delegate networking functions, the gala dinners and trade show displays, we will capture the essence of your conference. Our images will be designed to remind delegates of their experience. To highlight sponsor involvement and provide you with future marketing material.
Hiring a professional conference photography services is a rewarding activity for creating a good portfolio and reputation for your company.

Le Meridien Piccadilly Wedding Photographer

Le Meridien Piccadilly Wedding Photographer


It was an absolute honor to be picked as Top London Wedding Photographer for Elizabeth and Estaban’s wedding.
They had found a perfect venue to host their gorgeous Greek / Columbian wedding and I was thrilled to be their best Le Meridien Piccadilly wedding photographer.
Le Meridien Picadilly is a wonderful wedding venue. Your wedding guests are going to be blown away when they walk in! Is a truly amazing place to celebrate your wedding day with your nearest and dearest family and friends.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You need a good wedding photographer who can document it and not miss the small details. Make sure you hire an experienced wedding photographer in London.

As one of the best wedding photographers in  London we know how to capture the special atmosphere of your Big Day.

Jewish wedding traditions

Jewish wedding traditions


While this isn’t a complete list of wedding ceremony traditions, it is probably the most popular and important traditions that one expects to see happening at a Jewish wedding ceremony.  Some of these aspects are visually very interesting with lots of unique details and really help to make a great wedding album design.

The Tish
The groom’s tish is the traditional way of starting a Jewish wedding. Tish is the Yiddish for table. The groom tries to give a lecture on the Torah portion of the week while his family and male friends interrupt and jeer him. At the same time, the family and female friends of the bride entertain her in another room. Groom and bride may lead the tish together in Reform and Conservative congregations.

Signing the Ketubah
In the Orthodox communities, when the tish is done, the ketubah or Jewish marriage contract is signed by the groom, two male witnesses and the rabbi. In Conservative and Reform congregations, the bride may sign the ketubah as well and extra lines can be added for the female witnesses as well.

It is during the b’deken when the groom and bride see each other for the first time in Orthodox weddings. The b’deken, or veiling of the bride. All men including both fathers will lead the groom to the room of the bride where all women and both mothers are surrounding her. The groom will lower the veil over the bride’s face and set her apart from others and indicate that his sole interest is her inner beauty.

Jewish wedding ceremony – explained by top Jewish wedding photographer London

The Chuppah (canopy) symbolises the home that the new couple will build together. The canopy is open on all sides, as Abraham and Sarah had their tent open to welcome people in hospitality.
Once the bride meets the groom at the chuppah, he comes out and leads her inside the chuppah, where she stands to the right of him.

The Circling
On the first time that the couple steps inside the chuppah. The bride will circle the groom for seven times which represent the seven days of creation and seven wedding blessings.
Some also believe that the circles represent creating a wall of protection from evil spirits, temptation and the glances of other women.

Kiddushin in the chuppah
The betrothal ceremony or kiddushin happens under the chuppah. This starts with greetings, blessing of the wine, and sip taken by the groom and bride. The rings come next. The groom will recite an ancient Aramaic phrase while placing the wedding band on the right index finger of his bride. This finger is said to be directly associated to the heart. In double ring ceremonies, which are not allowed in some Orthodox weddings, the bride will also play a ring on the index finger of the groom while repeating the Aramaic phrase’s female version or biblical verse from Song of Songs or Hosea. The ketubah will then be read aloud in Aramaic and English.

Sheva B’rachot
The seven blessings or sheva b’rachot, is composed of a praise for God, good wishes for the newlywed and prayer for peace in the country of Jerusalem. In the Sephardic weddings, before the recital of the blessings, parents wrap the groom and bride in a tallisto literally bind them together. There is no need for the rabbi to say all the blessing. You can give honor to special guests through requesting them to read or sing a few of the blessings.

Glass Breaking
At the conclusion of the ceremony, it is customary for the groom to break a glass by stepping on it. The breaking of the glass reminds us of the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. And teaches that in times of joy we must always recognise that life also brings sadness and sorrow and love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected.

This is when you’ll hear guests cheer “Mazel tov!” which has a similar meaning to “good luck” or “congratulations”

Seclusion or yihud makes a chaotic day special. This is the standout ritual which lets you focus on the true purpose of the day: the new partnership. After the ceremony escorted to a private “yichud room” and left alone for a few minutes. These moments of seclusion signify their new status of living together as husband and wife.

Blessing of the Challach
The blessing over the clallah – a braided bread – begins the wedding meal. Usually the couple’s parents or an honorary guest makes the blessing.

The Hora
This joyful dance usually takes place either immediately after the newlyweds enter the reception room or after the first dance.
The Hora – or the chair dance – involves a few strong guests hoisting the bride and groom high above the crowd while sat in chairs. As traditional Jewish music plays, guests dance in circles and the couple is seated on chairs and hoisted into the air.

Jewish wedding photographer


One of the most important decisions when you’re planning a Jewish wedding is to hire a professional Jewish wedding photographer and Jewish wedding videographer.

Be Sure to book your wedding photographer in London on time,  as the best jewish wedding photographers are booked years in advance.  Capturing your wedding day will give you memories and amazing photos to treasure for life.

Cenk & Bahire – Turkish wedding

The Big Fat Cypriot Turkish Wedding Story of Cenk & Bahire, by Turkish Wedding Photographer Peter Lane

The North London Turkish Cypriot  community often  calls me – The Turkish Wedding Photographer of London, and as a wedding photographer we meet a lot of people, listen to their stories, dreams and worries.

We’re always happy to photograph or film in the beautiful wedding venue – Braxted Park in Essex. When Cenk & Bahire visited us and shared their wedding plans we were so excited. Especially happy that the whole wedding will take place in one location, which is a guarantee for lots of beautiful photos and peace of mind for bride and groom.

As a wedding photographer I was glad to have a mountain of time for the preps shots, applying different techniques and lighting setups. Such a stress free and relaxed couple, pleasure to work with.

The weather was nice and bright, no rain at all, allowing us to explore the beautiful estate and having the ceremony outdoor.

Spending the day with the couple was a blessing. We were highly honoured to document their big day.

Food and catering – 5 stars, carefully organised by Yusuf and his Complete Wedding Services team. Nice looking, fresh and plenty.

Braxted park wedding team was very cooperative keeping everything on time and sharing ideas and advices how to make the photo shoots smooth and quick.

It was pleasure to work with Mario wedding videographer from TVP weddings, can’t wait to see the video.

Dear couple, it was an amazing Cypriot Turkish wedding, we truly enjoyed and wish you long life and all the happiness in the world!

Luxury London based photography & videography services

In Peter Lane Creative Studio we are proud to have an unbeatable photography and videography portfolio. Offering high class photographers & videographers with unbeatable experience in their field. Turnaround delivery speed, edit, vision, style diversity - things that our returning clients love and appreciate. Enjoy Peter Lane Creative Studio.